Lord Patten attacks Beijing over interference in Hong Kong

Discussion in 'China' started by Ray, Jul 6, 2014.

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    It is a well known fact that in PRC there is nothing called 'civil liberties'.

    Now, if HK is a part of China, it is obvious that civil liberties will slowly be squeezed out and that is what PRC is doing.

    If the British did not realise that Communists are the wiliest of folks who have no qualm to renegade, then it is the British who are the fools who have been allowed to be fooled.

    It makes no sense to now show outrage and more so, when Britain is but a has been and no longer rules the waves!

    Chinese Communist will renegade. That is in the DNA of the Chinese Communists. During negotiation they will promise the moon and in actuality once they have achieved their aim, they will betray all. Morality, political, ideological and whatever is not in their DNA of the Communist Chinese.

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