LockMart Awarded Radar Contract To Defend Against Anti-Ship And Ballistic Missile Thr

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    LockMart Awarded Radar Contract To Defend Against Anti-Ship And Ballistic Missile Threats

    The U.S. Navy awarded Lockheed Martin a $119 million contract to demonstrate its conceptual designs for the Air and Missile Defense Radar (AMDR) intended to upgrade the Navy's future capability against advanced anti-ship and ballistic missile threats.

    Lockheed Martin was one of three industry teams competitively selected to advance its designs for the AMDR S-band radar and the radar suite controller under a 24-month technology demonstration phase contract.

    "Lockheed Martin's AMDR design provides a high performance radar suite capable of supporting simultaneous multi-mission operations in stressing environments, balanced with affordable lifecycle costs," said Carl Bannar, vice president of Radar Systems.

    "Our team has developed an open-architecture and modular design that has matured technologies through significant investment by our company and the Navy."

    The AMDR suite is scalable and can accommodate current and future mission requirements for multiple platforms. The AMDR S-band radar will provide volume search, tracking, ballistic missile defense discrimination and missile communications.

    The AMDR X-band radar, part of a separate procurement, will provide horizon search, precision tracking, missile communication and terminal illumination. Both radars will be integrated by the radar suite controller, which will provide the appropriate interfaces between the two radar bands and the ship's combat system.

    A leader in S-band radar development and production, Lockheed Martin has more than 40 years of experience in the design, production and sustainment of naval radars for surface combatants.

    The company's SPY-1 family of radars - with proven anti-air warfare and ballistic missile defense multi-mission capability - is fielded on nearly 100 surface combatant ships worldwide. The SPY-1solution delivers the desired capability with minimal development

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