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    A special thread created to let normal members like me know who is the life in the indian army , what are the plus and minus .and what we can expect.

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    The routine is nearly correct.

    Some corrections.

    The time for training in the morning is dependent on the weather profile of the place. It can go upto 1230h.

    After the training is over, the jawans clean their weapons, deposit at the Kote (Armoury) and then are told the 'orders' of the day (i.e. activities till night and the next day). Then they have lunch and rest.

    1600h is Games for all (and not squash for officers). Till 1800h.

    1900h, the night guards and picquets are out.

    1930h Officers Dress call. (Dressing for dinner)

    In the olden days there was Dinner Night for all days (except Saturday). On Saturday and Sunday, it was Supper Night.

    Dinner Night was that dressed formally for Dinner and on Supper Nights you were informal (which means no need for ties). Dinner Nights meant that all had to eat together with the Senior Dining Member being the President.

    Saturday and Sunday was for private parties or the Club.

    Officers also trained with the troops. The Company Commander supervised the training as per the Training Programme with the CO/ Training Officer doing the rounds.

    After training till lunch, was the Orderly Room (meeting people who had issues to discuss or disciplinary cases being marched in) and Administration.

    On Saturday, instead of training, you had the make and mend parade after the Arms cleaning.
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    RAY sir are you in the army ???

    Can you be more specific about TECHNICAL SERVICE ????

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