LG launches Network Monitor

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    LG launches Network Monitors | Top News

    LG launches Network Monitors
    Submitted by Darpana Kutty on Sun, 07/12/2009 - 16:02.

    South Korea headquartered electronic equipment manufacturer, LG Electronics has introduced Network Monitors under N42 series, having a capability to directly connect up to 11 users to the same computer.

    Network Monitors comprise a built-in keyboard, mouse, and audio connections, to raise organizational efficiency and cost saving by eliminating the need to have special computer for each user.

    These monitors, having NComputing vSpace desktop virtualization software, can be connected to the host PC through a PCI card, offering virtual workspaces for up to 11 users at a single host.

    Mr. Ki Wan Kim, CEO LG Electronics Middle East and Africa said: "This is an ideal solution for small businesses, schools, government offices, libraries and call centers that need to provide computing capabilities but must also consider costs, maintenance and environmental impact."

    He said that such a network system is very much suited for IT companies, as it reduces network complexities and does not compromise with system performance.

    LG Electronics, the world's second-biggest television maker and the third-biggest mobile phone maker, has priced Network Computers at Rs 11000.
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    If only these could be used in our shools!!(I might want to go back).

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