Let Lokayukta re-probe corruption charges: Congress

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    Let Lokayukta re-probe corruption charges: Congress

    GANDHINAGAR: Congressman and leader of opposition in the legislative assembly Shankarsinh Vaghela has demanded that Gujarat government wind up Justice M B Shah commission that is probing corruption charges against Narendra Modi-led state government.

    Vaghela has sought that the government order fresh inquiry in all the allegations, probed M B Shah panel, by Justice (retd) D P Buch whose name has been recommended by the government to the governor for Lokayukta.

    "The state government tried to raise objections on appointment of Justice Buch by raising issues like age. The objection was also raised since his name was suggested by me. But after the chief justice of the Gujarat high court also proposed his name, the government had to recommend him to avoid further embarrassment," Vaghela claimed.

    He said that the Gujarat government has avoided probe in any corruption charges against it by not appointing a Lokayukta in the state for 10 years. "After the Congress protested, the state government appointed a puppet M B Shah Commission to probe the corruption allegations against it. As expected the panel gave a clean chit in all the cases," he said.

    Governor Dr Kamla is likely to issue the notification warrant for appointment of Justice Buch as the new Lokayukta soon. The Congress has charged the state government with corrupt activities causing a lose of Rs 1 lakh crore of public money.

    Let Lokayukta re-probe corruption charges: Congress - The Times of India


    The Congress is going hammer and tongs to find a ----- in Modi';s armour so that he can be discredited.

    It is for good reasons that they are justified in doing so given that Modi seems to be a Juggernaut on the move.

    Even the AAP Congress coalition in Delhi indicates that the Congress is ready to ensure that the BJP is left out in the cold. Though it is surprising that AAP took Congress' support given that it had dubbed it the most corrupt of all parties. Notwithstanding, Congress has got its way.

    Instead of frittering away its credibility in appearing frivolous and thereby giving Modi a sheen that he has been more sinned against than sinning, the Congress should bring about solid cases that can pass the litmus test immediately.
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    Corruption cases should to open. And Supreme court must take serious action on these cases. Because corruption destroys the economy of country.

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