Leprosy in India

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    Facts About Leprosy In India - The Leprosy Mission Trust India

    This is so sad and shocking to hear. The subcontinent is in a pathetic state - polio in pakistan, leprosy in India. I wish subcontinent countries would focus on these important which affect millions instead of fighting over a piece of land. Cooperation alone can solve problems in this region. Fighting will get us nowhere.
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    Leave India lets talk about China....

    you know there is a huge issue of campus placement in India,engineers are not getting jobs...so i was thinking if you could talk to your superiors in CPC to send a delegation for conducting a placement drive for 50 cent corporation.

    I guarentee i will be the first in the line to appear for the interview :peace:

    My dream job :-

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    in the dark

    I am a Muslim from Pakistan.I am so ashamed of being a Pakistani that I like to use Indian flag where I can ,like here.

    Yes ,Leprosy is a problem in India,but you should be happy at-least your government is aware and taking steps to get rid of it,the main reason behind it being people refuse to acknowledge it,with proper awareness you will get rid of it.I am sure seeing the progress India is making in every field.

    Also called Hansen's disease, leprosy has been curable since the 1940s thanks to antibiotics, and the worst physical deformities can be avoided if it is caught in time

    The stigma of leprosy endures in India, even though the country has made great strides against the disease, which is neither highly contagious nor fatal. Now the number of new annual cases has risen slightly after years of steady decline, and medical experts say the enormous fear surrounding leprosy is hindering efforts to finally eliminate it.

    Public health centers across the country have launched campaigns describing leprosy as the world's "least contagious communicable disease." Health workers are trying to spread the word that leprosy is not hereditary and does not spread through normal contact.

    So no need to worry,India will overcome it just like it has overcome all ODDS.

    But what about me!a average Pakistani! Our country has developed into a production facility of terrorist and religious fanatics.People are killed if they try to give polio drops.The future of our young generation is in dark.

    It is hard to live here.

    When you step out of your house,you have to live in all kind of fear,such as:

    1 When you hear a phone ringing, I am always afraid of a road side IED bomb being triggered.

    2 When someone says Allah hu akbar, I am always afraid that now he is going to blast himself.

    3 When someone is wearing too much clothes,I am afraid that he is a human bomb.

    4 When someone vehicle tyre gets puncture ,I am afraid that firing has started.

    5 I am afraid to question this religious fanaticism as I will be accused of Blasphemy and killed.

    6 I am afraid to tell my sect to others,because you never know if I do not turned out to the same sect I might be killed just for that.

    7 Whenever Pakistani Terrorist attack India,I am afraid India will blow up all Pakistan.

    8 As I am writing this siting at my home I am afraid,as you never know when American drone will blast my house.

    So basically I am fed up of being Pakistani,fed up of these fanatics and terrorist running all around,fed up of this nation which seem to excel only in destruction ,which seem to only preach hate.

    I wish to run from here,but then where to go.As all Pakistani are treated as certified terrorist abroad,and Pakistan has killed so many Indian citizens that it is but natural ,even for the most tolerant nation to hate me as Pakistani.

    I guess as Pakistani Muslim,I am bound to suffer in this hell hole.My Hindu friend @genius ,you should be happy for whatever you have in India,even if you get leprosy you can be treated over there,at-least your family will be safe.You should forgot about cooperation with us Pakistani as we have only Jihad to offer,you being a Hindu is a certified enemy of a Pakistani.

    A Muslim,A Pakistani HELP ME!:wave:
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    Leprosy: India's hidden disease | Life and style | The Guardian

    I think that with the help of IRC you should tackle this problem better. With some social changes, the disease could be won in few decades. Teaching about the stigma and educating general population better is also needed. I am confident that it can be done.
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    Since you seem to be close to the disease, leprosy, coudd you give the details of numbers with Paucibacillary (tuberculoid) and Multibacillary (lepromatous) and the borderline cases?
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