Left-Liberalism for Dummies

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    Nice blog.

    Left-Liberalism for Dummies

    Recently I have been reading and hearing a lot of impassioned debates about various burning issues in India. Much of it has been difficult for mere mortals like me to understand, as it is clothed in “left-liberal” jargon. After several weeks of patient research, the true meaning of these terms began to reveal themselves. Therefore, I have decided to write a decoding manual to make it easier for others who may be trying to make sense of it all. This is my understanding of the liberal terminology in a nutshell:

    1.Justice: Unless a ruling is as per ‘our liberal’ worldview, the judiciary is obviously biased & unjust. It is then our duty to use all available resources: Airtime, newsprint, the International Court of Justice, living rooms, and classrooms to fight against the grave travesty of justice.
    2.Evidence: When friends are involved, evidence or lack of it, is a matter of convenience and opinion. Ditto for non-friends, especially if they belong to a certain Western state.
    3.Debate: We believe that facts are mere inconveniences. However when the opposition confronts us with facts, we must gang up, jeer, sneer, and shout-down them down. After all freedom of speech is sacrosanct.
    4.Equality: All men (and women) are born equal. Some like us are just born intellectually more equal than others. Therefore the other side should just learn to shut-up and listen.
    5.Freedom: We firmly believe that all citizens of India have the fundamental right of freedom, to assemble, speak and generally make choices. We merely insist that their views must align with ours.
    6.Money: The capitalistic obsession with money & money talk is a dirty, plebian activity. However appreciation of the finer things in life such as junkets to foreign universities, and freebies from the government do not count.
    7.Religion: As our Great Prophet Karl Marx said, ‘Religion is the opiate of the masses’. We believe in atheism, and by God we shall impose it!
    8.The Indian state: Is brutal and myopic, and is driven by a dysfunctional ideological state apparatus. We need to take lessons from Cuba, North Korea and Pakistan.
    9.Poverty: Is the great millstone dragging India down. But it is also our bread and butter. After all as our guru says, everyone loves a good drought.
    10.The North-East: Is a part of the country, inhabited by ‘-----ies’, for whom our heart bleeds continuously. However, we must hijack any serious debates relating to the region (For reasons refer to point #9).
    11. Liberalism: We believe in progress and openness. However, we oppose a liberal economy since that may create jobs and jeopardize things. (Refer to point #9).
    12. Human Rights: Our conscience cries and we feel the pain for all of humanity, with some exceptions: Victims of kidnapping, victims of terror, district officials, our underpaid policemen, our under-equipped soldiers, and generally anyone who does not subscribe to our ideology, since those chaps obviously deserve what they get!
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    I have no personal issues with leftists and most muslims and some christians. Because for them, their alliance is for someone outside their homeland. This is true in India as much its in England.

    An interesting link http://dawn.com/2013/02/05/coexistence-with-india/

    A very centrist article but wi be considered by mullahs and talbs as leftist

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    Funny too. Much there applies in the US as well. Liberals are a universal pain.:)
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    All the above Ideologies have their Origin outside India and they have only One Aim in India or Where ever they go!
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    If you are not Right you may be Wrong but if you are Right you are always wrong :lol:
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