Lawyers calling for reform of laojiao system (forced labour without trial)

Discussion in 'China' started by Ray, Aug 16, 2012.

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    This laojiao system is an unique system in China and is not there in any part of the world.

    Obviously, though the system may not be 'acceptable' in other parts of the world being draconian and arbitrary as is obvious in arresting the woman who went to report the rape of her daughter, but it has served China well in ensuring law and order (at least from the point of view of the Communist Party and the local Govts). It maybe added that human rights and individual rights are not taken to be important factors in the governance of China by the Party apparatchiks.

    Yet, this clamour for change being openly demanded and other factors that one hears about of China, is surely signs that China is changing. Maybe globalisation, international travel and interaction and more money in the pocket of the people through a booming economy is impressing upon the Chinese that they must get the basic rights that others in the world enjoy.

    One wonders if this demand is suitable for implementation in China, which hold harmony as paramount over individual rights, or will laojiao system repealing add to the problems of governance in China.

    Maybe those who know China could educated us on the pros and cons of the laojiao system and its efficacy or otherwise.
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    I do not know whether people sentenced under this system are part of the army of slave labour employed in factories across China that one frequently hears of.

    It seems at lower levels of Chinese Bureaucracy there is lot of corruption and local bosses are absolute rulers of their domain. As long as they meet their targets Beijing does not seem interested in their dealings and handling of the local population.

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