Lawmakers seek conditions on arms sale to Saudis

Discussion in 'Americas' started by Ray, Nov 16, 2010.

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    While it is Middle East centric, the sale of sophisticated and modern state of art weaponry to the Saudis is prime concern to India too.

    In the past, Saudis have supported Pakistan in all wars with India to include with weaponry.

    Therefore, it become essential to keep a tab over such arms sales and in the strategic analysis, calculate what would come Pakistan's way in case of conflict with India.

    It would not be wrong to mention that Pakistan is a client state of the Saudis, who always salvage Pakistan with weaponry and money whenever they are down and out. Saudis, in return, are allowed to spread their Wahabic strain of Islam in madrassa of Pakistan, which Pakistan gleefully accepts and uses as 'strategic assets' against India and against the world to include against the Western troops in Afghanistan.

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