Lavish tourist resort to be built in Gilgit-Baltistan

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    Lavish tourist resort to be built in Gilgit-Baltistan
    By Shabbir Mir
    Published: September 16, 2015


    GILGIT: A day after Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif inaugurated the Rs27.5 billion road project at Attabad Lake, the Gilgit–Baltistan government announced it is going to construct a resort to boost tourism in the region.

    “We have planned to construct a state-of-the-art tourist resort near the lake to help tourism flourish,” Chief Minister Hafeezur Rahman said on Tuesday. The design for the premises is ready, he told The Express Tribune.

    The resort, which will cost Rs450 million approximately, will be located near the highway inaugurated by the PM on Monday.

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    The CM said the tourist resort will have facilities like boat services as well.

    Encouraged by the record increase in tourism this summer, the CM said the G-B government has decided to rank hotels as per the facilities they offer and will also fix rates according to the ranking.

    “I apologise for not providing facilities to tourists this year. However, we ensure they will have a much better experience next year.”

    New war chest

    PM Sharif has increased the amount of funds available for G-B CM, which will enable him to implement development projects of up to Rs750 million in the region.

    “Previously the G-B CM had powers to implement projects worth up to Rs400 million only,” said Rehman talking to the media at his office
    on Monday.

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    The decision was made by Nawaz Sharif on Monday after he was briefed by Hafeezur Rahman about the issues the regional government is facing.

    “The low ceiling used to cause delays in projects that cost more than Rs40 million. executive committee of the National Economic Council was the forum that decided the fate of the suggested project,” he said, adding the decision will help speed up the construction of infrastructure and other ventures in G-B.

    Published in The Express Tribune, September 16th, 2015.
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    Pakistan has truly advanced, other countries built guard posts

    YOU BUILD tourist resort for our Jatta, Rajput, Dogra to chill in..

    Ty Bhaji. Actions like this slowly erase your 1400 year cult. Our Army will truly love you,
    I have heard muslim dancing girls are v famous. ;)

    Slowly we will re-hinduize you, & bring kabba back to Sapt Sindhu

    Great Pakistan, what generosity & enlightenment.

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    Make one thread, and I repeat, ONE thread, and post about development in Pakistan.

    Thread closed.
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