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    This is a small effort from me to consolidate all the critical indigenous projects that are currently being delayed or in progress and have a thread on discuss and get latest updates on where we are with the same.

    LCH TD3
    As per below article LCH TD3 first flight should have happened sometime back in Oct 13, but no word of the first flight yet or in near future.
    HAL LCH TD-3 Update |

    Nirbhay Second test
    As per the sources the first test failure was identified to be a problem in the inertial navigation system that has malfunctioned and corrective design and modifications are being implemented, the second test first initially planned in Sep 13, but then it got postponed to first quarter of 2014.
    Second test of Nirbhay cruise missile in February

    Agni v Canister launch
    Expecting a canister based Agni V launch sometime between March - April 2014. Once succeeded the plans are to induct into services by 2015.
    Agni V’s next trial will be canister-based - The Hindu
    Canister-based Agni-V to be Ready for Induction Next Year - The New Indian Express

    BMD - PDV
    Phase 2 of the Indian BMD, DRDO planned to test the PDV replacement of PAD to intercept the missile range > 5000km in the first quarter of 2014.
    DRDO Planning to Test-fire High-altitude 'Killer' Missile in January - The New Indian Express

    In the latest tussle between IAF and HAL, IAF has floated the RFI for acquiring the IJT from foreign vendors. As per MOD statement HALis working to get FOC for IJT by Dec 2015.Hope it becomes true.
    Livefist: HAL's IJT Delayed, IAF Scouts Foreign Source

    Dhanush Artillery Gun
    OFB's indigenious artillery gun has successfully completed the winter trials and his heading to summer trials. It is expected to be ready by this year end and would hopefully enter the services.
    Indigenous artillery gun 'Dhanush' to be ready this year - The Times of India

    Arihant sea trials
    This is top secret project, nobody knows when exactly will our prestigious nuclear submarine will set sailing for sea acceptance trials.
    With first nuclear submarine INS Arihant set for sea trials, Navy wants more for strategic deterrence - The Times of India

    K-15 / K-4
    Recently tested on Mar 26th, SLBM ranging 2000km, dubbed to be K4 ?
    India tests new underwater nuclear missile - The Times of India

    Kolkata Class destroyer
    Actually planned to be commissioned by end of March 2014.As per the sources, the ship has already completed the sea trials and currently in dry-dock of MDL.But due to later bitter news about the sad accident onboard there could be additional delay in commissioning of this ship in Navy.
    Livefist: New Pictures: 1st Kolkata-class Destroyer Ready For Indian Navy
    Another naval accident, one officer killed on board INS Kolkata - The Times of India

    P28 Kamorta-class corvette
    First of four anti-submarine Kamorta-class stealth corvettes, It was expected to be delivered to Navy in end of 2013. Awaiting for updates.

    Tejas LCA
    Aiming towards completion of FOC by end of 2014, It has completed high altitude trials in Leh and continuing with the weapons trial in jamnagar.Most of the FOC parameters are now incorporated in Tejas and trials are underway.
    Tejas to Begin High-altitude Trials in Leh - The New Indian Express

    Arjun MK2:
    Out of 6 phases of user trials, it has already completed 5 phase of trials successfully, except with only problem involving firing the LAHAT missile and some minor changes related to position of headlights etc.. As per the latest news the Arjun Mk2 is ready without LAHAT missile, but if they want to fix the LAHAT missile firing then it would miss the target of 2016.
    Lets hope that army accepts the Mk2 without LAHAT and start placing huge volume of orders, once the LAHAT missile firing issue is fixed all it would need is an upgrade to the existing fleet which should not be a major issue.

    Rustom -2
    DRDO is all set to start the flight testing of Rustom-2(MALE) later this year.
    DRDO revs up for UAV testing season, requires test hardware |

    Please add if you have any further updates on below projects and also feel free to add any other indigenous projects which I might have missed

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