Lashkar planning aerial attacks on Indian cities: Abu Jundal

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    Key 26/11 handler Zabiuddin Ansari aka Abu Jundal has furnished details of the elaborate planning by Lashkar-e-Taiba for carrying out aerial attacks on cities in India, a NDTV

    Jundal found out about the plans during a visit to what he has described as the "Jumbo Jet Room", a mansion in eastern Karachi, where a LeT commander named Yakub has been devising ways in which paragliders

    Yakub disclosed to Jundal that the LeT is mulling the use of parachutes in future attacks against their targets in India. Jundal claims to have seen boxes packed with 150 parachutes in

    He said that the "Jumbo Jet Room" was earlier based in Pakistan occupied Kashmir, and was only shifted from Muzaffarabad to Karachi after ten youths handpicked by LeT held India's financial capital to ransom

    Jundal confessed to the Mumbai Crime Branch about other important LeT bases - the Karachi House in Muzaffrabad and the Kashmir House. In the former, the planning for Lashkar's operations all over India is done while masterminds in the latter concentrate on Jammu and Kashmir.

    Jundal told the police here that Ajmal Kasab's nine accomplices, all shot dead by NSG commandoes during the 26/11 attacks, underwent training at

    Jundal also revealed that two natives of Maharashtra's Beed district were among the 26/11 conspirators. Faiyaz Kagzi, an accused in the Aurangabad arms haul case, taught Hindi to the aforementioned 10 terrorists. Incidentally, Kagzi was arrested sometime ago in Saudi Arabia and may be deported to India soon.

    According to Jundal, Masood Sheikh who too belongs to Beed was initially supposed to be a part of the deadly mission. In fact, Sheikh even trained along with Kasab and the others.

    However, the apprehension expressed by Kagzi and Jundal that Sheikh might not keep quiet during interrogation apparently led to his removal from the

    On Aug 10, Jundal recorded the confession that mentions these facts. Since a magistrate was present at that time, the statement can be presented by the police as evidence in courts.

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