Kuwait mulls death penalty for insulting God, Prophet

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    Kuwaiti lawmakers voted in favour of a legal amendment on Thursday which could make insulting God and the Prophet Mohammad punishable by death, after a case of suspected blasphemy on Twitter caused an uproar in the Gulf Arab state.

    Members of Parliament must vote on the proposal again in a second session and it would need the approval of the country's ruler before becoming law.

    The amendment was backed by 46 votes, while four opposed it and others abstained. Those in favour included all 15 members of the cabinet.

    Blasphemy is illegal in Kuwait under a 1961 publications law and at present carries a jail term, the length of which depends on the severity of the comments and their perceived effect on society, lawyers say.


    Why don't all non-Islamic countries enact same kind of laws to force the Zakir and HF Hussains and Anjem Choudary in living their country to their pious Dar-Ul-Islam? Minority persecution in a Muslim majority country is a reality, how long can the world keep watching and do nothing?

    Truth is that Human brain learns only through reward and punishment cycles, and a particular community deserves punishment.

    I cannot stop myself from praising France which has taken some effective steps, even if it looks reactionary and extremist in the eyes of the bleeding-heart secularists.
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    For the life of me i can't understand why some people get so angry about offending god or god's the chosen ones. If there is a god then i'm sure he will deal with them in the afterlife. We don't need to act on his behalf.

    As someone who doesn't believe in god i'm a amused when i see or hear people talk so passionately about god, despite there being no evidence to state other wise. I hear that's why you must have faith because evidence is not required ,man is a liar so why must we have faith because of what was written more the 1000 years ago .

    A time when 99.9%of human kind could not read or write and had a pretty shit time of it...

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