Kolkata: Hi-tech security plan for Alipore

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    Hi-tech security plan for Alipore

    A forum for Alipore residents has offered to install hi-tech gadgets at home and on the road, along the lines of a system used in Los Angeles, to make the neighbourhood more secure.

    The plans include installation of special cameras on roads and “black boxes” capable of detecting intrusion at homes. Both sets of equipment will be intelligent enough to automatically generate alerts the moment there is a security breach. For example, if a person tries to sneak into a house by scaling its boundary wall, the black box will send an SMS alert and the footage of the man crossing the wall to the owner of the house and local cops.

    “We submitted the proposal at the police headquarters on Tuesday. The expenses for the project will be borne by Alipore residents. But we would need the assistance of Calcutta police to make the project a success,” M.K. Jalan, the president of Alipore Citizens’ Forum, told Metro.

    “A similar model is currently used in LA, where an alert is sounded the moment there is a security breach in a house,” added Jalan.

    The hi-tech gadgets will be imported from the US or Ireland, said a source.

    Members of the forum had met police commissioner R.K. Pachnanda at Lalbazar on July 3 seeking more security in Alipore. Their concerns over security had been triggered by some motorcyclists stalking industrialist S.K. Birla near his Alipore home in end-June.

    “We want the cameras to be used to monitor roads and public places in Alipore. The controlling mechanism will automatically detect any kind of illegal activity, including violation of traffic rule,” said Jalan.

    In case of a traffic rule violation, an automated challan will be generated after capturing footage of the offending vehicles, claimed a member of the forum. Pan-tilt-zoom cameras will supplement the special IP cameras.

    To protect homes, the forum intends to install black boxes on the premises that would analyse images captured by the installed cameras and automatically sound an alarm in case there is a security breach.

    “We have asked them to install the cameras. Officers of Alipore police station have already surveyed the places where the cameras are to be installed,” city police commissioner R.K. Pachnanda told Metro.

    “However, the project will be executed only after it is found to be feasible. We have asked the forum to demonstrate the security system,” he added.

    The forum is likely to make a presentation before senior officers at the city police headquarters.


    This article is from 2011. Saw in news today that this system is operational and under 24x7 surveillance by police. Even 2 arrests have been made based on petty crimes caught on camera.

    Based on the success of this system, Kolkata Police has started installation of 1800 cameras all over the city for 24x7 surveillance.
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