Knowledge of Mineral Handling in Mining Industry

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    The mining industry has made great strides in extracting deposits and removing desired material from waste. Mining equipment is more efficient now because it saves energy and reduces the amount of harmful chemicals needed to extract desired material from its surrounding media. Heavy duty, weather resistant equipment is still necessary to extract, transport, and process minerals, ores, and precious metals from soil, sand and rock. This innovative mining equipment is more compact and able to process material efficiently, increasing the mining company’s ability to invest in superior machinery without breaking the budget. Improvements have also been made in the automation of this ground-breaking mining equipment, making it easier to monitor and maintain more machines while reducing overall man hours.

    Coal extraction

    There are many areas where the process of mining coal has been improved. Reclaiming coal is an arduous, expensive process with mixed returns. Advancements in this area have been able to improve the amount of coal in the reclaiming process and streamlined its overall efficiency. The ability to reclaim more coal in silos and barns, as well as more efficient open air storage systems has reduced the energy needed to store and reclaim coal, while increasing its speed of processing and over all coal recovered.

    Transportation and set up of coal equipment is another area where coal mining companies have the opportunity to save money. Innovative equipment design can reduce facility and tunnel construction requirements, facility set up, and maintenance. Machines, such as Hongxing Activator / Feeder, allow for increased material flow and control, all while reducing tunnel heights and energy consumption.

    Grinding and Crushing

    Internal and external changes to grinding equipment have increased efficiency and safety. The ability for units to extract minerals with less energy per revolution reduces overall cost of the machinery. Hongxing vibratory grinding solutions are more compact, taking up less room and making them easier to install. The use of vibration, in combination with grinding media, significantly increases the number of material impacts per minute, decreasing extraction time and creating a more desirable fractured product. The ability to extract ore and minerals quicker allows units to process material more efficiently than older units, so retention time required to extract material is significantly reduced.

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