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    Knock out delivers the knock out punch !!

    Director Mani Shankar does it again !!

    Mani had given India's first high-tech film in '16 december' a few years ago.

    This time he outdoes that effort by delivering a film that keeps you enthralled for 2 and a half hours.

    Using high tech gadgetry and techno-wizardry he manages to keep you on the edge of the seat throughout......

    Coming back to ' 16 december ' ,what the film lacked was a core ,an emotional content ,which seemed to be missing among all the high-tech action.......which is why the film didnt do so well at the box office.

    This time he gives a film packed with sophisticated gadgets ,but one which does not forget to have a emotional content , a heart........something that every film ,especially a film made for the indian audience needs......

    To give the story in short.......

    Irfan Khan plays Tony Khosla , a union minister's point man who handles all the money matters for him ,including his swiss bank account ,where the minister has stacked his billions.

    One day at a telephone booth he gets a call from an unknown assassin ( Sanjay Dutt )that he has a super-accurate gun pointed at him from long distance........and bullets are fired to prove it.

    He is asked to confess his own ,and the ministers secrets to the public on the spot........on pain of death ,of being shot at long distance......

    But before that he is asked to sing ,and dance in front of the assembled public to raise a few laughs.....

    As secrets come tumbling out ,so does the temperature rise ,as also does the entertainment.......

    Irfan Khan gives a terrific performance as a crooked guy whose world is turned upside down in a moment.......held hostage by someone whom he cant even see.

    The real fun is to watch the movie in the theater ,as it is interesting to watch the audience reaction as each twist unfolds.

    People watching the movie on DVD OR computer are likely to complain that the movie was not as good as expected.

    But dont tell me I didnt warn you.........
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    Complete rip off from the Hollywood film Phone Booth starring Colin Farrel.
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    16 december was a load of crap if anything. knock out is pretty well made, and certainly comes out better than phone booth.

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