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    Since the beginning of time the world opinion about one country was formed according to behavior of the leader of this country and his family.
    Even such an old and respectable British royalty demands from its representatives to follow the norms of etiquette and morality.
    For example, the situation when the photos of naked Prince Garry, made while his visit to Las-Vegas, leaked into the press.
    Immediately, the family council of the Windsors made a decision to exile Prince Garry to Afghanistan in order to take part in military actions.
    Not only Buckingham Palace and representatives of other aristocratic families look after their images. The Presidents of large states also do it, because if discreditable facts of their life leak into the press it may cause their resignation or retirement from political life. Because of disgraceful behavior or cardinal sin a politician can get one or another label forever.
    There is an example that our country because of President B.N.Yeltsin could not clear from the label of “the government of drunken bears-bandmasters” for a long time. Only the retirement from political life, then his death could smooth over this situation.
    Now there is another situation in Uzbekistan, where ruling groups, particularly the President Karimov’s daughter Gulnora does not care about norms of decorum, considering ordinary Uzbek people as “a flock of sheep”.
    Gulnora Karimova considers herself as a single successor of her father on the post of the country leader and allows herself to commit such acts because of which any European politician would give up for his career.
    Her frequent exits from the country with the aim to have rest in “warm” countries, follow with hours-long delays of flights, and passengers who bought tickets for this flight must sit and wait until the “princess” wakes up and comes to the airport as “manna from heaven”.
    Also, in order to provide more comfortable flight for G. Karimova and for her surroundings, passengers who bought tickets for the first rank without compensation of difference of value, must change their seats in business class. The passengers from the business class go to the economic class. In the result of these “reshuffles” ordinary passengers are removed from the flight constantly.
    If earlier it was only when G. Karimova or her children leave somewhere, now she gives an order to vacate the whole the first rank and to delay flight for her foreign “guests of honour”. These guests often can not pay for one trip of luxury car.
    Moreover, G. Karimova uses Uzbek airlines as a family charter company; she has a cheek to use it as free delivery service of alcohol and napkins from abroad.
    The cargos of ordinary people or organizations, for the carriage of which they pay beforehand and claim express delivery, are been thrown out impudently and the “princess’s boxes” are been loaded instead of them.
    It must be especially mentioned how G. Karimova behaves accordingly to her “norms of etiquette” not only during official ceremonies, but at home around her family and surroundings.
    There were cases when opening ceremony of events organized by “Fund Forum” with the participation of G. Karimova were delayed because she wakes up very late after another all-night party.
    It was in spite of the fact that among of the invitees there were the representatives of foreign diplomatic corps and they sat in hot and stuffy room with other guests.
    In the result the foreign diplomats are afraid of getting invitations from “Fund Forum”, trying to “jump off” from this “honorable mission” on various farfetched pretexts.
    Touching upon the contact with the family members, it can be mentioned, that service personnel of the hotels where G. Karimova stayed, were the witness of shouts coming from her room and the shouts turned into hysterical laughter. According to the knowers, G. Karimova has such “emotionally” talks with her children and R. Madumarov, her civil husband.
    In the result of regular burst of G. Karimova’s causeless hysteria her children and people from her surrounding have panic fear of staying together with her in one room. It is a nonsense, but fact that thrust and cutting items were been hidden, fearing that she may use them as a main argument in conflict.
    Making summary it can be supposed that if G. Karimova becomes a President the quantity of patients in madhouses of Uzbekistan will increase dramatically and healthy people will try to hide themselves abroad from norms of etiquette and morality suggested by her.

    Nikolay Artemenko

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