Killing on the Basis of Suspicion can have Dangerous Results

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    Before reading the article, it is important to know Mr Mitra's background so that one comprehends the issues in the correct perspective.

    Ashok MItra, they say, is an intellectual!

    He is a dyed in the wool Communist (euphemistically known as Marxist) , economist and Communist politician. He was the Finance Minister of Jyoti Basu's govt!

    He was not given admission to Calcutta University and so had to make good at BHU. His academic credentials have all been obtained from the West and he was also with the World Bank.

    And interestingly, he attributes all the ills of the world and India to the US and the West. He favourite subject for bashing is the Indian Army, which he dubs as the 'Occupation Army in Kashmir'.

    One wonders if he ever visited Kashmir as a citizen of India on his own steam.

    Notwithstanding, Mr Mitra's article has some merit. It reflects the mindset of armchair, tear jerkiness of bleeding heart 'experts, who have not dared to tread the very ground that the so glibly opine on.

    The fact that he has no clue of insurgency and how to combat it, is so stark in this article. If only he knew that it is the age old tactics of insurgents to mingle with the general public so that in the event of a shootout some innocent too get shot, leading to outrage amongst the bleeding hearts, who will condemn it but give no solution.

    There is no doubt that neglect has led to the situation in the tribal belt. There is no doubt that some have been displaced because of mining and other industrial activities and there is no doubt that some industrialists have been given preference over the tribal rights.

    All this has led to the situation which the Maoists are exploiting to the hilt.

    The issue is, should the Govt sit back and do nothing to bring in law and order so that there is development as also an environment of peace that is conducive to address the issues of the tribal that has been neglected so far.

    Can development or redress of tribal grievance and neglect be possible in an environment of strife?

    Or should the govt abdicate these areas to the Maoists as independent States beyond the pale of India?

    What is the solution, Mr Mitra?

    Or because you are a Communist, you are piqued that your Communist brothers in arms are being put in their place by the Security Forces.

    Do you advocate the bifurcation of India or its destruction?

    These are question which are begging your 'expert' advice!
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