Killing of soldiers: Govt response lacks bite, BJP ups the ante

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    Killing of soldiers: Govt response lacks bite, BJP ups the ante

    India has stayed clear of the trap laid by Pakistan by refusing to accede to latter’s demand for an international third party probe into the latest ceasefire violation across the Line of Control during which two Indian soldiers were brutally killed by intruders. The Cabinet Committee on Security (CCS), headed by the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, has rejected Islamabad’s proposal for a UN investigation into the matter.

    The decision of the CCS is consistent with India’s policy with regard to Pakistan and the Jammu & Kashmir problem. However, the BJP, the principal opposition, finds the government’s response to the situation far from adequate. It has called the government ‘weak’ and ‘incapable of taking tough decisions’.

    In a statement, Leader of Opposition Sushma Swaraj said she had spoken to National Security Adviser Shiv Shankar Menon on Wednesday and asked him to convey to the prime minister that the development on the LoC was unacceptable.

    “The government must go in for tough measures and we will support it in such decisions. However, there is no response from the government so far. Unfortunately, we have a very weak government in the country. And weak governments are incapable of taking tough decisions… It is a question of the morale of our armed forces. The government has to act…” she said.

    The CCS meet, which is headed by the prime minister and has the defence minister, the home minister, the external affairs minister, the finance Minister, the three services chiefs besides heads of intelligence agencies as members, was expected to offer a cohesive response to deal with such situations. While the deliberations and strategic decisions of the CCS are not made public, something substantive was expected when Finance Minister P Chidambaram spoke to the media. There was none.

    “We are certainly not going to agree to internationalise the issue or allow the United Nations to hold an inquiry. That demand is obviously rejected out of hand,” he said. He however, did not give a hint on what further action the government proposed to take against Pakistan. “Whatever has to be done will be done,” is all he said.

    Pakistan had yesterday said it was prepared to hold investigation through the UN Military Observer Group in India and Pakistan (UNMOGIP). UNMOGIP has presence on both sides of the Line of Control (LoC).

    The BJP, sensing the public anger at the lackluster government response to the beheading of Indian soldiers, is keen to up the ante. The two Leaders of Opposition, Arun Jaitley and Sushma Swaraj, have already asked the government to draw “red lines” and sought tough action in dealing vis-à-vis Pakistan. The party has decided to stage a nationwide stir over the episode.

    The Congress, which heads the UPA, is in a tight spot right now after investing so much in the peace process with Pakistan. However, not keen to be seen as maintaining a low profile over the incident, especially in a year where 10 assembly elections are due, it is talking tough. Congress’s spokesman Rashid Alvi’s tough talk on the issue could not have come without sanction of party brass.


    India is in bit of a bind.

    While it is totally unacceptable for anyone to accept the beheading, yet going to war would be the extreme step, though not impossible.

    What steps can India take to ensure that a correct and strong message is given to Pakistan so that they do not resort to these type of savage modes as also to warn them that they are overstepping the red lines?
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    India's biggest mistake is trying to have a diplomatic solution to a military problem.

    India should learn from Pakistan on how to play the double game. Just looking at the M.O of Pakistanis, it shows how smartly they play the game.In the morning Pakistan would send in Civilians: Journalists, Intellectuals, cricketers et all, to talk peace, play cricket and have a lovey-dovey conversation about South Asia and at night they would send it Soldiers and Jihadis to kill and behead Indian.

    India would respond to this by making noise, threatening to cut-off ties and stopping civilian interaction. This not only makes India look like the bad guy internationally, but more importantly it has no effect on Pakistani establishment and nothing changes on the ground. So sooner or later India would restart the whole process all over again. This is what has been happening for the past 12+ years since the Lahore bus ride by ABV.

    What India needs to do, is to play the game like the Pakistanis, continue on with the tamasha of peace process and at the same time hit them where it hurts. Eat samosas with Pakistani intellectuals in the morning and rain artillery over their soldiers at night and next day act as if nothing happened. If they complain ask them to produce proof 'that would stand up in court'.

    What India needs is long term planning on how to deal with the threat, neither candle light vigil nor an all out war would help us.
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    well if you want cow to act like a lion then you are expecting wrong

    we cant do anything .
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    I saw in tamil news channel that almost 11000 chinese engineers are there creating advanced bunkers for pakistan,is it not a indirect attack by them
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    Its no point telling to deaf monkies

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