Kerala - teacher killer becomes PTA Chair in same school!

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    Happens only in God's own land Kerala ! In 1999 CPI(M) leader Acharuparambath Pradeepan and six others hacked to death a school teacher KT Jayakrishnan, also a Kerala Yuva Morcha member, in front of his class consisting of 10-11 year olds. Some the children fainted as the attack took place in their class room and many had to undergo counselling to overcome the trauma. Pradeepan recieved a death sentence that was commuted by Supreme Court to life senctence. The Left Front state govt in 2005 released Pradeepan despite protests from Jayakrishnan’s mother PK Kausalya. Pradeepan is now PTA President in the same school.

    Teacher slayer holds post in Kerala School


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