Kerala church bans rape victim!!!

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    Where is the "secular" outrage at this despicable ex-communication of a rape victim, a minor and her entire family. Or they can roar only at Hindu customs?

    These are the same people who preach to Hindus and brainwash people about the evils of the "caste system". Why, they even attempted to pass a U.N resolution equating the "caste system" with apartheid!

    These are the same people and organisations that commandeer Hindu Temple wealth for "secular" "public welfare" and who insist on interfering with Temple traditions, ex: language of worship and identity of priests etc.

    Can such ex-communication be legal or constitutional? The Indian constitution explicitly outlaws untouchability.

    The misogynists have very appropriately named their institution - after the Portuguese invaders who brought the inquisition and genocide to Goa down to the Malabar coast.

    This victim, her family and their mistreatment by the Church are prime examples of why converts to Christianity in India should return to Sanatana Dharma.

    Kerala church bans Suryanelli rape victim - TOI Mobile | The Times of India Mobile Site

    KOCHI: A Catholic church in central Kerala has banned the Suryanelli gang-rape victim and her relatives from entering the church.

    St Francis Xavier Church at Sachivothamapuram near Kurichy in Kottayam district is said to have issued the directive two weeks ago. The church falls under Vijayapuram diocese and was established in 1906.

    As the residents in the area have come to know the identity of the victim and her family, it is better that they should stay away from the church until all the problems related to the case are resolved, the church is said to have ordered.

    The victim had recently lodged a police complaint and a petition before a local magistrate court for probe against Rajya Sabha Deputy Chairperson PJ Kurien alleging that he had raped her. However, the court had last week dismissed the girl's plea for investigation against Kurien.

    The victim's plea was based on revelation by lone rape convict, advocate Dharamarajan of Idukki.

    Catholic church's own news service, Union of Catholic Asian News, had recently described the victim as a "16-year-old Catholic schoolgirl" and Kurien as "a Kerala Christian and Congress party leader".
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    Must be punishment for complaining against Kurien.
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    I don't think there are grounds for ex communication.

    The grounds have to be religious and not political.
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    Kerala will burn soon. It will show the rest of the country why an iron fist is needed when minorities run mongrel. To understand how hollow our secularism is, one only needs to visit Kerala.

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