Kenya: Indian Navy Celebrates Diwali in Mombasa

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    India Kenya: Indian Navy Celebrates Diwali in Mombasa
    Fadhili William's hit song Malaika is great to hear. But it is even nicer to hear it being played by an Indian Navy band aboard a military ship.
    No wonder the Indian High Commissioner Sibabrata Tripathi moved with military speed closer to the band when it started playing the song earlier this week to mark the Diwali festival.
    What's more, the band had only three days in the high seas to learn and play it. The end result? A near-perfect rendition of theoldie.
    The INS Delhi hosted the reception attended by the Indian, Kenyan and SouthAfrican navy officials after the military ship and its sister ship, INS Deepak, docked at the port of Mombasa.
    The crew was taking a breakfrom its three-week exercise in Durban, South Africa and the perfect place to relax was Mombasa! The Indian community in the Coastal city were on hand to receive their counterparts who have spent most of their time ensuring the IndianOcean waters are safe from pirates.
    Guests were treated to some traditional Indian tunes from an Indian dance group. Businessmen Ramesh Sangahni Kaburu, MohammedJaffar and Reef Hotel generalmanager Kuldeep Sondhi were at the reception.
    Also in attendance were Brazilian ambassador Ana Maria Sampaio, Kenya Navy Mtongwe base commander Levi Mghalu, senior officer ofthe two Indain naval ships Balbir Kumar Munjal, Indian assistant High Commissioner AR Radhakrishnan, General Tyres boss Shabbir Talab and his wife Mumtaz Talab, and Canadian consul Nordin Tejpar.
    The Ramgarhia Youth Association are known for their charitable projects. Last Friday, the members converged at the Fox Cineplex Sarit Centre in Nairobi for the screening of the movie "Son of Sardaar".
    The film has been facing flakfrom the public that it is another joke and chance to poke fun at the Sikhs, the religion and their way of life. However, there were no such insinuations and the RYA team adorned the Indian Sikh style of turbans in support of the film.
    There were refreshments that included Punjabi food to blend in the mood. RYA chairman Sunny Sihra was grateful for the support fromthe community.
    There is nothing more fulfilling than seeing the little ones grow up and accomplish something. This is a small nursery school with a big heart.
    The Vivekananda BalMandir Nursery School, popularly known as Deendayal Nursery, Nairobi, hosted its annual graduation on November 3. The children entertained guests by having a fancy fashion show.The children are aged between two and half to six years old.

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