Kejriwal tries damage control amid dissidence

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    Kejriwal tries damage control amid dissidence

    Reaches out to Yogendra Yadav, Shazia Ilmi

    With the Aam Aadmi Party mired in bitter infighting, party convenor Arvind Kejriwal on Saturday attempted to reach out to the dissidents, saying party leader Yogendra Yadav had raised important issues which needed to be sorted out.

    He also said that efforts will be made to bring back Shazia Ilmi into the party as top leaders met on Saturday to chalk out the future course of action, including preparations for the next Delhi Assembly polls.

    “Yog(endra) Yadav has raised some imp (sic) issues. All of us will work on it. Yog yadav is a v dear friend and a v valued colleague. Had long discussion with him...,” Mr. Kejriwal tweeted.

    In an another tweet, he said, “We will also try to get Shazia back.”

    Ms. Ilmi and Mr. Yadav, known to be a key strategist, have been sharply critical of Mr. Kejriwal after the party’s debacle in the recent Lok Sabha polls.

    Mr. Yadav, who quit from the party’s political affairs committee, had charged the party with “falling prey to personality cult” while Ms. Ilmi had alleged that Mr. Kejriwal was surrounded by a coterie and that the party lacked internal democracy.

    Mr. Kejriwal’s close aide Manish Sisodia had hit back at Mr. Yadav accusing him of targeting Mr. Kejriwal and making internal matters public.

    According to sources, resignations of leaders will be discussed at the AAP’s national executive meeting and they will also try to convince Ms. Ilmi to rejoin the party.

    There were indications that the political affairs committee mighexpanded to accommodate more members.

    Kejriwal tries damage control amid dissidence - The Hindu

    Kejriwal apparently has smelt the coffee.

    His arrogance has been cut to size that his sycophants like Pooshan and Sushudia could not control to keep him in the esoteric realm.

    How he has come out with the begging bowl.

    Kheju has played his card well.

    In this situation, where Yogi Yadav and Ilmi stand unemployed & rootless, they have no option to return, state pithy justifications, and remain relevant to the political world.

    Kumar Vishwas, the poet, is still in the beautiful world of ideals and have not recanted.

    They all forget that the Delhi voters have seen them through while the rest of India feels that they are joke and a mere circus.

    Fools and their votes are soon parted.

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