Kaveri Engine will power Indian Unmanned Strike Air Vehicle (IUSAV)

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    Kaveri Engine will power Indian Unmanned Strike Air Vehicle (IUSAV): AK Antony | idrw.org


    Defence Minister Shri AK Antony in a written reply to Shri Ambeth Rajan in Rajya Sabha was informed that dry variant of Kaveri Engine will be developed which will eventually power Indian Unmanned Strike Air Vehicle (IUSAV).

    He also informed the house that Kaveri engine was not able to achieve desired thrust. Hence, GE-F404 Engine has been selected as power plant for Light Combat Aircraft (LCA) Mk-I. LCA Mk-II which require a higher thrust class Engine, therefore, GE-F414 Engine has been chosen as power plant for LCA Mk-II. Both engines are imported from M/s General Electric, USA.

    IUSAV is a pilotless bomber aircraft that the DRDO is developing. IUSAV will weigh less than 10 tonnes and Kaveri’s 50 KN dry thrust will be adequate for the IUSAV . BAE, Dassault and Saab are currently having discussion with DRDO for possible technology partnership on development of IUSAV. According to experts DRDO plans to field IUSAV by 2020 .


    Is this the same as AURA?

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