Kaun Banega China?

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    Indians must be fabulous flatterers, since imitation is said to be the sincerest form of flattery. We Indians are great imitators. If it’s done in the West, especially in the US, you bet we would do it too. The list of copycat-me-too ideas that Indians go for is long and depressing.

    They have synchronised dancing in their music videos there, and we have to have it here. They have silly reality shows on their TV, so do we. They have Big Brother, and we instantly ape them with our Big Boss. They wonder who wants to be a millionaire, and we start asking who wants to be a crorepati.

    Actually, imitating others is not in itself a bad thing. After all, a lot of learning involves copying what others have done. If we did not learn from others, we would have to start from scratch, reinventing wheels and figuring out solutions to already solved problems.

    What matters is not that we imitate but rather what we imitate. There is an endless list of great things what we could have learned from copying the West and saved ourselves much grief. India could have copied some of the great institutions they have. Take the public libraries of the US, for example. It’s one of America’s greatest innovations – much more valuable than iPads and iWhatHaveYous – but we can’t be bothered. We scrape the bottom of the barrel instead of taking the best from the top.

    It is all very sad and it makes a body despair. Copying lousy American popular culture (and I used the word culture loosely) is low and degenerate. One cannot sink lower than that, I thought. But I was wrong. Oh how horribly wrong I was. Yes, India can do worse.

    India can copy the worst not just from the West but from other parts of the world as well. The UPA government of India is doing a remarkable impression of being the government of a banana republic.

    “So what!” you may say. “It’s not a shame to be a banana republic. Bananas are good for you.”

    Alright, I agree that there are worse things than being a banana republic. It is far worse to aspire to be a totalitarian state. But that’s what the UPA is doing of late. The UPA Government is aping China. Actually, there are things that India would be well-served in following China’s footsteps such as their openness to world trade and foreign investment, their dedication to building world-class infrastructure, and so on.

    The UPA Government unfortunately did not bother copying the best bits and instead is taking the worst bits from China. It wants to throttle the freedom of expression, it wants to shut down dissent, it wants to clamp down on social media and the internet. In other words, the UPA Government is imposing a totalitarian dispensation on India and speeding India on the road to serfdom.

    Mrs Indira Gandhi ruled with an iron fist when a court judgement went against her in June 1975. Ruthlessly she threw democracy out the window, suspended the Constitution of India and imposed emergency on India. That was then. This is now.

    Then China was as poor as India. Now China has moved on, its economy many times larger than India’s. China has decisively trounced India in the economic game. Pranab Bardhan, professor of economics at UC Berkeley, had remarked that “compared to India, Chinese were better ‘socialists’ during the planning era, and better ‘capitalists’ during the reform era”.

    Now there’s Sonia Gandhi in power, dictating Government policies. The UPA Government knows that it cannot match China in areas such as economic performance or global influence. So they are trying their best to outdo the Chinese in their totalitarian crushing of all dissent and criticism. By hounding journalists and cartoonists, the UPA Government apparently is in the winning seat in the exciting game of KBC – Kaun Banega China.

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