Kashmiri Terrorist Mourned - Sindhi & Balochi Martyrs Forgotten

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    Baloch And Sindhi Freedom Fighters Forgotten Kashmiri Terrorist Mourned | Asansol News

    Aamna Shahwani

    Asansol News

    February 11, 2013; Karachi, Pakistan occupied Sindh:

    While the international media and human rights corps are barking and crying for a terrorist who was sentenced after getting a fair trial, none is talking about two rational Heroes, Shaheed Sangat Sana Baloch and Babar Sandhilo Sindhi. Probably these so called media and the marketers of human rights are the neo-Mullah who finds rationality in a terrorist’s dream for 72 divine whores but not in a freedom fighter’s ideology. This hypocrisy is exposed at both the national and international media’s ignorance. When Afzal Guru was hanged on 9 February 2013, in the cell number 3 at Tihar Jail in New Delhi; the Pakistan media published it in the front page, dipped with emotions, just like all the editors have been orphaned all of a sudden, simultaneously. This is one of those very frequent moments when Indian and Pakistan media join hands. They both carefully cultivate the ISI propaganda and terrorist activities in Kashmir but keep mum when the human rights violation of Balochistan comes to light.

    Shaheed Sangat Sana Baloch, core committee member of BRP with Comrade Zakir Majeed

    The first post in the newspapers in Pakistan was a mourn for a “great hero” Mohammed Afzal Guru and his greatness was that he was nymphomaniac thug who attacked Indian parliament on excuse of Kashmir’s “independence” hiding the dark reality of these bloody Mujahideens’ irrational after-death-lust. The Kashmiri Mujahideens are the worst breed one can ever think of. Sorry to say, but the entire Kashmiri mass of today, after the Hindus were forced to leave the valley in 90’s; are the worst breed. These people have forced the Hindus to leave their own homeland in seek refuge in Delhi and Jammu, 5 Lakh Kashmiri Hindus are refugee in their own homeland but the human rights never talk about them, they only project that the non-Hindu Kashmiris are being humiliated. What a crap! Some news agencies are holding public debate and raising communal questions that suit Pakistani propaganda, “Why no Hindus has been hanged”? Irrespective of the fact that how many Hindus attacked parliament?

    Babar Sandhilo JSFF member mourned on his death anniversary

    Let us leave India at her position, let us think of us. The Pakistan crazy people leave no stone unturned to make us believe that we must mourn at the death of the fellow Muslim and that Baloch are also Muslims. If that is so, why don’t they remember that while killing the Baloch? Don’t they remain Muslims then? And when the Muslim heart is so wide that it has space for a Kashmiri thug, why don’t they remember or mourn or sympathize the domestic heroes?

    10th February was the martyrdom-anniversary of two great heroes born in so called Pakistan. One is Baloch and another is Sindhi. One is Shaheed Sangat Sana Baloch, another is Shaheed Babar Sandhilo Sindhi. But these two humanist heroes were suppressed, because these people may have been for humanity, but they were against Pakistan, which was obvious if anyone has to support humanity. And probably that’s why these two heroes were dumped.

    Terrorist Afzal Guru mourned but not rational freedom fighters like Shaheed Sangat Sana Baloch and Babar Sandhilo Sindhi

    Sangat Sana Baloch was the leader and main ideologist of Balochistan Republican Party, his inspiring speeches and techniques of promoting his cause made many Baloch youth to volunteer their lives in the freedom struggle. Democratic to the core, Sangat Sana was always a great humanist and spotless, educated and multitalented. He could earn in dollars like other spineless youth, but he preferred to sacrifice his life for his nation. His favorite one liner was that he said to his close ones, “Am bi mojood tey taqdeer k darwajey par, sab dolat pe jaa girey, hor dost, amney watan maang li.” (I was also present at the door of fortune, all fell down for wealth, and friend, I asked my motherland.) Sangat Sana was in the hit-list of the ISI-MI-IB, and they commanded their mercenary Musalah-e-Defaz to execute Sangat Sana Baloch. The Mujahideens of Musalah abducted him and transferred him to Sui based torture chambers and he was given most brutal treatments but yet they could not break him. He was an iron nerved man. He didn’t submit before the butchers and after 800 days of most innovative inhumane torture and mutilation he was shot 30 bullets and his body was dumped. The Pakistanis didn’t stop here only. They even tried character assassination of this great soul. Shaheed Sangat Sana is not a jewel for the Shahwani tribe only, not for the Baloch nation, he is the sign of humanity for entire humanity.

    Babar Sandhilo, another victim of state agencies belonged to Sindh. Babar was a brilliant student of the Sindh University and a member of the JSMM student wing, Jeay Sindh Student Federation (JSFF). Babar was brutally killed by state mercenaries at the central library. Since 2003 the JSFF members are being harassed, abducted and killed.

    The shame is that these two heroes are also Muslim, but the so called liberals don’t find their good Muslim in this people but they find it in terrorists like Afzal Guru. The Kashmiri women in 1947 raised slogan, “Pakistan jahege, pet me bacha lahege” (will go to Pakistan and will be proudly pregnant). But still people spread propaganda that Kashmiri women are targeted sexually. Do they need to be targeted? But none talks about the character assassination bid against the sisters of the martyrs like Sangat Sana Shahwani aur Zakir Majeed. Zakir’s sister Farzana, a BSO Azad leader is being maligned in social media.

    Protest Rally in 8 Chowk Lyari, by Baloch people who were mourning Shaheed Sangat Sana Baloch

    It is very shame that the Pakistan media which sheds so much crocodile tear for Afzal Guru, a criminal of India, has deliberately neglected its own heroes who were responsible for the welfare of so many residents of the so called Pakistan. What a shame! And shame on the human rights business units too. The Amnesty international condemned Afzal Guru’s sentence that was a result of a decade long fair trial but it hardly spoke a word on the brutal murder of the democratic icons. What a shame! The entire Karachi was flooded with mourning protestors but not even a single news media shared the news. The 8 Chowk Lyari was flooded with protestors whom the conventional media didn’t cover. VSH TV’s owner Iqbal Ahmed was probably sleeping after oiling his nose. Others were just busy selling tales of Afzal Guru.

    Pakistani shameless propaganda against Zakir Majeed’s sister Farzana Baloch

    Some people ask us, why can’t we understand the grief of the Kashmiris who are also freedom fighters like us? The reason is, calling the Kashmiris freedom fighter is an insult to freedom. Kashmiris have formed all terrorists groups in the name of Islam. They are all Mujahideen who are interested in killing non-Muslims only, for nothing other than 72 divine whores after death. But alas, people don’t see the rational freedom fighters like BLA of Balochistan and SLA of Sindhudesh, who fight with an ideology for a humanist mission, who never harm civilians but only the Pakistani terrorists in uniform. Shame to the global Muslims who are always forefront on teaching us Islam, shame on their double-standard. They detach Islam from terrorism but at the same time they don’t forget to mourn for a slain terrorist or campaign for a captured one. Indian Muslims are leading in this double stand, they make movies like “My Name Is Khan But I Am Not A Terrorist”, but never forget to weep for the “martyrdom” of Laden, the mass never forget to organize rallies mourning Laden or Afzal Guru in Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, let alone leave Kashmir. These Indian Muslims are the global contractors of human rights, they shake the world in the name of the divine prostitute seeking Iranian, Iraqi and Palestinian terrorists, alas they don’t give a damn to us Baloch freedom fighters. In such a situation, I am a Baloch proud to announce that the only good Muslims are the Baloch, and the Sindhi nationalists (JSMM etc). So if the global Muslim community doesn’t help us, it is the duty of the international community. If the international community fails to feel our grief, the loss will be suffered by the entire world.

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