Kashmir separate leader decries Sharia court decision to banish Christians

Discussion in 'Politics & Society' started by Ray, Jan 29, 2012.

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    When a hardcore Separatist like Geelani goes against what the self anointed Sharia Court and recognises the good work done by the Christians in Kashmir, it goes to show how ridiculous is the action against the padre Khanna.

    There are about 400 Christians only in Kashmir and they are hardly a threat to Islam in Kashmir.

    The soft power of Christianity has to be lauded.

    It is just that the evangelists and Bible thumping fire and brimstone characters who basically approach Christianity as a 'business' to build their personal empires that the problems occur.

    Likewise the Tablighi has quietly worked for Islam. It is only of late that they are raising hackles. Tablighi likewise was the 'soft power' of Islam. So is Dr Zakir Naik, though at times, he goes on the wrong foot!

    One has to see the good work of the Aga Khan and realise the goodness that prevails in Islam. Does anyone criticises the Aga Khan?

    People like the Aga Khan are the bonding factor of the religious divide. May his tribe increase.
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