Kanpur professionals design UAV to aid in surveillance

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    Kanpur professionals design unmanned aerial vehicle to aid in surveillance | idrw.org

    Professors of a prestigious technology institute in Kanpur on Thursday claimed to have developed a portable unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) to help the security forces patrol border areas better.

    It could also prove handy to the police in monitoring traffic and other issues. Designers said the light UAV fitted with cameras could fly at a very low height to keep vigil in sensitive areas. It could also be used to keep an eye on wildlife in jungles, frequently targeted by poachers.

    They said it could also help security forces in their fight against Maoist rebels.

    Two cameras are installed in the UAV along with inertia navigation system and GPD. It can fly at a speed of 100 miles per hour.

    The co-principal investigator of the project, Professor Deepu Philip, said it took them a year to complete the project.

    “We thought of designing a UAV which is portable and can be assembled within 15-20 minutes and can be put into a bag and carried anywhere. A 50 meter road is required as runway to take the UAV which would fly for 8-10 hours. The UAV can monitor everything coming within 150kilometers radius,” said Philip.

    The UAV can be carried in a bag. The attached wings on both sides of UAV can be detached and carried anywhere to make it handy for police and security personnel.

    Run on gasoline and solid fuel, the UAV can fly non-stop for 10 hours.

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