Kamov-226T to be made in India

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    Anil Ambani entity seeks to make Kamov Ka 226T choppers in India
    by Vikas Srivastav

    Three months after acquiring Pipavav Defence and Offshore Engineering, the Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group (Adag), now Reliance Group, is seeking to increase its presence in the defence space. Reliance Defence has emerged front runner to form a joint venture with helicopter design and manufacturing company, Russian Helicopters, to manufacture 200 light helicopters in India.

    Separately, the company is also in discussions with the French government for helicopter manufacturing. Reliance Defence is a subsidiary of Reliance Infrastructure.

    People close to the development told Financial Chronicle that the company is in talks with the Moscow-headquartered firm for the production of Kamov Ka 226 light helicopters, for which a joint venture would be set up in the country.

    Kamov Ka 226 light helicopters are expected to replace the ageing fleet of Cheetah helicopters that are being used to service deployments in the Siachen glacier.

    Indian manufacturers like Reliance Infra, HAL, L&T and Tatas see huge opportunity in the $130 billion defence modernisation drive that the Indian government has undertaken. India will spend close to Rs 2,00,000 crore on defence during this financial year, which is 11 per cent of the Rs 17,80,000 crore Union budget for FY16. Almost half of this money will go into capital expenditure to acquire defence ware and modernization of existing systems.

    In pursuant of the deal and seeking to expand its defence services, Reliance Group is in talks with several states, including Madhya Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra and Goa, which have shown interest in setting up defence production units.

    An email questionnaire sent to Reliance Infrastructure elicited no response. The Reliance Infrastructure spokesperson simply said: “We are interested in the defence sector, but do not want to comment on market speculation.”

    Russian Helicopters is exploring a partnership with Hindustan Aeronautics and a few other private firms also. The company has, however, ruled out a deal with the Sun Group, which was one of the contenders and whose chairman and promoter, Shiv Khemka, has been a non-executive director on the board of Russian Helicopters, sources said.

    Reliance Defence recently applied for around a dozen licences for development and production of military systems such as missiles, submarines and aircraft. It also wants to produce landing systems, unmanned aviation, electronics and development of engines, besides manufacturing spacecraft and satellites.
    The company plans to set up units for maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) of both aircraft and naval vessels.
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    India, Russia to step up talks on co-production of Kamov helicopters


    Ka-226T. Source:public domain

    In view of the upcoming visit of Russian President Putin for the BRICS Summit and the India-Russia Summit level talks, the Indian Defence Ministry is busy giving a final shape to Indo-Russian defence projects. The Defence Ministry is in the process of finalizing the joint production of the choppers.

    India and Russia had already agreed on the deal to manufacture Kamov Ka-226 helicopters during the visit of Prime Minister Narendra Modi to Moscow last December. Kamov Ka-226 choppers are being built in India under a technology transfer agreement with Russia.

    In fact, agreement on the joint production of Kamov Ka-226 helicopters is the first project for a major defence platform under ‘Make-In-India’ program.

    The joint helicopter company is now expected to be incorporated and will later rope in a private sector partner to share work. India needs more than 200 Kamov choppers.

    Anil Ambani owned Reliance Industries or Pune based Kalyani Strategic Systems is likely to be private sector partner to manufacture the Kamov Ka-226 choppers.

    “As per the agreement, out of the 200 Kamov Ka-226 Light Utility Helicopters, the first 40 are to be made in Russia and the rest 160 will be made in India with transfer of technology and license for production.

    These light utility Kamov Ka-226 choppers will ultimately replace the Cheetah and Chetak helicopters. In fact, India wants to become an export hub for the Kamov Ka-226 choppers as several countries have shown their interest in buying this most efficient chopper. I think president Putin’s visit will definitely give a spur to Indo-Russian defence cooperation. India is still dependent on Russia for nearly 60 to 70 percent of its defence supplies and it will remain as such in the years to come despite our defence ties with US,” former spokesperson of the Defence Ministry and Wing Commander (Rtd) Praful Bakshi told Sputnik.

    First published by Sputnik.
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    Kalyani Group is Much more trustworthy than Anil Ambani .....................................
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    by Sareth Kailas Kumaresan
    With Russian President Vladimir Putin finally giving the go ahead for setting up an Indo-Russian joint venture to produce the Kamov (Ka-226) military helicopters as per a $1 billion-dollar deal inked in 2015, the Indian military is finally set to get a reprieve from its critical helicopter shortage.
    India has ordered 200 of the Ka-226 utility helicopters, the first of which, will begin delivery in 2019. The Ka-226, unlike conventional helicopters has an interchangeable mission pod, rather than a conventional cabin, allowing many different configurations according to the mission, making it truly a utility helicopter.
    The light, twin-engine yet multi-role chopper offers flexibility for military purposes and for civilian purposes. The chopper is intended to replace the ageing fleet of Cheetah and Chetak helicopters which have recently been running into many technical snags.
    Apart from replacing and bolstering the old utility helicopter fleet, Russian Helicopters, the company which makes the Ka-226 says that the military variant can work effectively in extreme and difficult weather conditions. This will include hot climate, marine areas and mountainous terrain, making it a perfect fit for the diverse terrains of the Indian subcontinent.
    The Helicopter can also be effectively used for reconnaissance, targeting and monitoring and transportation of equipment unto 1.5 tonnes. Interchangeable and mission specific pods also mean the chopper can carry up to seven paratroopers and security personnel increasing mobility of assets and increasing the Indian militaries surgical strike capabilities.
    Kamov-226 has a top speed of 250 kmp/h and has been refined from the old and proven Ka-26 helicopter, with a refined rotor system, increased nose visibility and a new passenger cabin design. The aircraft is also made of composite materials, making it light and with a new transmission system and twin coaxial rotors, making it highly manoeuvrable. The chopper also has Medivac, disaster relief and patrol variant mission pods for the military and air ambulance, police and fire fighting variants have also been designed for civilian purposes
    With the addition of this new, reliable and proven chopper, the military is definitely set to get a boost to its operational capabilities within the next few years.

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    India-Russia Kamov Joint Venture incorporated
    Amit Kumar, New Delhi

    The Ministry of Corporate Affairs has recently incorporated the India-Russia Helicopters Limited Company, Bureaucracy Today has learnt.
    This marks the formal creation of the Joint Venture between Hindustan Aeronautic Limited of India and Russian Helicopters and Rosoboronexport of Russia and is a key milestone in the production of Kamov 226 T helicopter in India with Russian collaboration.
    The Intergovernmental Agreement for the formation of this Joint Venture was signed during the 16th Annual Summit between India and Russia on December 24, 2015 in Moscow.
    Russia’s Rostec Corp will own 49.5 per cent stake while India’s HAL will own the remaining 50.5 per cent in the joint venture.

    Under the deal for 200 Kamov 226 T helicopters, 60 helicopters will be received in a fly-away condition from Russia while another 40 will be assembled in India and the remaining 100 will be fully built in India.

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    Russian Kamov helicopters' 'Make in India' price 2.5 times more that original cost
    The cost of Kamov light-utility choppers to be manufactured indigenously is coming out to be almost 250 per cent as high as the cost of 60 such helicopters that would be built in Russia and supplied to India.

    Ajit Kumar Dubey | Posted by Ganesh Kumar Radha Udayakumar
    New Delhi, May 23, 2017 | UPDATED 08:50 IST

    Narendra Modi in his meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow planned early next month.

    However, senior ministry officials said Make in India comes at a heavy cost as investments have to be made to create a new facility and manpower has to be trained along with acquisition of land for the new set up.

    The government had selected HAL as a partner but later on it also thought of including a private sector partner for the joint venture company to promote private participation in defence but this is going to add further cost to the programme, the sources said.


    The decision on selecting the private sector partner has to be taken by Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) and the company is yet to take a final call on the issue.

    The deal is also getting affected by the issue over the weight of the choppers, as it is believed that the ones built in Russia weigh more than what was specified in the tender requirements by the force.

    "The issue has been raised with the Russians and it is expected that some solutions would be found for reducing the weight soon," a source said.

    Sources said there seemed to be a minor issue over the interpretation of the clauses on the transfer of technology for the Kamov choppers as during one of the meetings, the Russians proposed to supply the 140 choppers to built in India as complete knocked-down and semi-knocked down kits -which would mean that the choppers would only be assembled and not built in India.


    "We are very clear that we want transfer of technology for these choppers so that they can be built in future by our firms on their own in the future," a defence official said.

    Price has been a critical issue in defence deals involving Russia as several deals such as the under-development Fifth Generation Fighter Aircraft and Multirole Transport Aircraft projects have been stuck because of the sudden and exorbitant cost hikes by Moscow.

    The biggest example of India suffering due to price hike was the INS Vikramaditya aircraft carrier project, which was to cost $900 million (over Rs 5,000 crore)at the time of signing in 2004, but was delivered in 2014 after an additional cost of $1.2 billion (over Rs 7,000 crore) in 2014.

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    India to get 10 military copters from Russia in first tranche

    Moscow, August 28:
    Russia plans to deliver 10 Kamov Ka-226T military helicopters to India in a first tranche as part of a $1-billion deal, under which India will procure 200 such copters from that country. It expects the Indian Defence Ministry to make the first tranche of payment by the year-end.

    “We plan to deliver the first shipment of 10 helicopters after we receive the first payment. We are still in discussions with the Indian Ministry of Defence as to when the first payment will be made. We hope it will be made by this year,” Russian Helicopters CEO Andrei Boginsky told BusinessLine in an interview.

    $1-billion deal
    Under the $1-billion deal in which India will be buying 200 Ka-226Ts from Russia, 60 will be procured in fly-away condition while 140 will be produced in India in collaboration with Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd (HAL).

    Last week, HAL officials visited Moscow to have a meeting with Rosoboronexport, Russia’s sole defence trade agency. They discussed the payment timeline, localisation of Ka-226T, location of the proposed manufacturing plant and terms for transfer of technology (ToT).

    “So far our team has gone to six locations in India and we are yet to finalise where we want to build the plant. We have to choose the best...it depends on the rent prices, etc. We have an inter-governmental agreement, according to which we will be sending 60 helicopters to India in fly away condition while the remaining 140 will be manufactured in India,” added Boginsky.

    He further said HAL has sought 50 per cent ToT. However, the matter is still under discussion. HAL’s French partner Safran will also have to roped in for this because the system of Ka-226T has been produced by it, he added.

    “From our side, we are ready because it is necessary to make a roadmap and it depends on HAL,” he said.

    Looking for partners
    Russian Helicopters is also scouting for joint ventures with some of India’s leading private defence firms such as Mahindra Defence Systems and Bharat Forge for the Kamov project.

    “We need the expertise of local companies for after-sales issues and spare parts. We are in talks with Mahindra and Bharat Forge, which are interested in cooperating with us in this project,” said Boginsky.

    Russian Helicopters is also planning to build a Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) plant for the Kamov helicopters in India.

    Boginky said that the company expects additional orders of Kamov helicopters from India.

    “There is a possibility to increase the number of helicopters to more than 200 in future. The Indian Army needs this kind of helicopters. So both governments agreed to 200, but the partnership has an option of increasing the number. We have made a naval version of KA-226T and we are ready to offer that to India,” he said.

    In December 2015, at the Indo-Russia summit in Moscow, an inter-governmental agreement was signed for implementation of the project for production of KA-226T helicopters in India.


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