Kabul attack will have long-term impact on Kashmir: Army

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    Srinagar: Army today dismissed fears that the emerging situation in Afghanistan would have any immediate effect on Kashmir, but warned its “ripple effects” would reach the Valley.

    “There is no immediate effect at all,” General Officer Commanding of Srinagar-based 15 Corps Lt Gen SA Hasnain told reporters at Badamibagh Cantonment here.

    He was replyling to a question about the recent Taliban resurgence in Afghanistan and its impact on Kashmir.

    The Lt Gen said there were no indicators to suggest that the events in Afghanistan, including yesterday’s attacks by Taliban in Kabul and other provincial capitals, were having an effect on Kashmir.

    There are events which lead to certain things and there are events which put together give certain indicators. There is no such indicator about anything in Afghanistan immediately happening which can have an effect on Kashmir,” he said.

    The Commander, however, said “there will be long-term effects of Afghanistan on Kashmir.” ”In the long-term, yes. I have always maintained that an
    event in one place will have a ripple effect somewhere else.

    Those ripples (from Afghanistan) are yet to reach here, time will tell. But I am sure the ripples will reach here.”


    Kabul attack will have long-term impact on Kashmir: Army | Firstpost

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