Justice Soumitra Sen impeached by Rajya Sabha on corruption charges

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    Justice Soumitra Sen impeached by Rajya Sabha on corruption charges

    In a first, the Rajya Sabha on Thursday impeached Calcutta high court judge Justice Soumitra Sen on charges of corruption. Justice Sen could go down in history as the first judge to be removed if Lok Sabha gives its consent next week to the motion for his impeachment.

    With the Upper House approving with overwhelming majority of 189 votes in favour and 17 against, the issue is expected to come up in the Lower House on August 24-25.

    Justice Sen, who was found guilty of misappropriating Rs 33.23 lakh, which were under his custody as a court-appointed receiver in the capacity as a lawyer and misrepresenting facts before a Calcutta court, had claimed he was being victimised and was made a "sacrificial lamb" to cleanse the judiciary.

    Earlier, pleading for justice, 53-year-old Sen trained his guns on former Chief Justice KG Balakrishnan over charges of misappropriation of funds and misconduct against him (Sen) alleging it was his pre-determined move to hold him guilty.

    The Inquiry Committee had found him guilty of misappropriation of funds as a court-appointed receiver in a case where certain money belonging to SAIL was stuck in a dispute in 1983. The motion had sought removal of Justice Sen.

    Justice Soumitra Sen impeached by Rajya Sabha on corruption charges - The Times of India
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    I wish more of these judges would be thrown in a dungeon. But unfortunately, there is a whole gang of them occupying the most respected chairs in the nation committing nefarious actions behind closed doors.
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    In major cities high courts the judges corrupt are in still in small minority but goto smaller cities and towns and you'll want to kick the lot of them out.

    The file has to go through parliament so naturally they wont make all competent people judges.

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