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    1.I don't think we can ever get rid of Affirmative action, but here's what we can do to work around it.
    Take the IAS, for example
    If we have a requirement of 6000 IAS officers, and 50% of these guys are hired on the basis of caste, this leads to poor governance.
    Getting rid of them means political suicide and the left won't stop shrieking about lack of social justice.
    But what of a 3rd option.
    Instead of 3,000 merit and 3,000 reserved category.
    Why not, instead, hire 6,000 merit and 3,000 reserved?
    The 6,000 meritorious candidates will form the core group, while the 3,000 reserved can act as back up?
    I know we can also get meritorious candidates from the BCs, so here's what we do to the selection process, The Quota based candidates are allowed to be eligible for both categories.
    If the candidate is qualified as a Merit candidate, he will be part of the core group, just like other Merit based candidates, if not as merit, but if he's one of the top 3000 in the merit category, he'll be part of the bench.

    We can apply this system for all Government agencies and for all states, (for eg, in TN,if we have a requirement of 2,000 teachers, we hire 2000 teachers as part of the core merit based group, and hire 1800 in the Quota category).
    I know hiring more employees means more expenditure, but do think of the losses incurred due to poor governance, poor public education, poor health, among many other things.
    This system could offer good governance, and also the 'Social justice' that the left keeps harping about.

    2.Unproductive fathers do not create an environment for the raising of productive children.
    How about we, offer work for welfare, those who don't want to work can still get welfare(everything, TV, Achohol, money, literally everything), but in exchange for sterilization.
    I wouldn't mind helping the drunk, but I do not want my kids to pay for his kid's welfare.

    I know I'll be called a racist for both of these suggestions, but there are far greater things at stake here, far, far greater.
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    I like your post because very rarely do we see thinking out of the box though the phrase is abused much.

    1) Wont creating over capacity ultimately lead to under utilization? How do we tackle that? Or are you suggesting that the 3000 on bench move up the ladder with time and experience? Even so, how will we make this sustainable? We will be adding 50% more workforce than required every year which will become a huge drain on the exchequer.
    2) I like the second idea. I am not a drunkard but I can be severely unproductive at times and can relate to the negative impact I can have o impressionable kids. Which is why I hope that my girlfriend dumps me soon so I can find another meaningless relationship to indulge in. :)
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    Right now it's the opposite I think. Using the same ratios in OP, 3000 meritorious ones and 6000 reserved. This from me having seen PSUs. Ratio can be different. There is a lot of redundancy in govt offices.
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    Land of the GODS - "Dev Bhomi".
    1. When you suggest 6000+3000, you are increasing bureaucracy in one shot. We as such suffer from huge red tape which has made sure this country keeps suffering.
    Are the 9000 need based? Where do you put all these people?
    The SC has put a figure of near 50% reservation, which means if you create an exclusive group of 3000, that will have no bearing on the 6000 and of that 3000 will anyway have to be reserved or it will be constituted as illegal, so instead of reducing you are increasing the level of reservation.
    The real motivation should have been on how to halve that 6000 to 3000, than make it 9000.

    Important isn’t that more bureaucracy or more competent people be brought in, important is to make the system such that even if a person, not intelligent enough, steps in, shapes into a thorough professional and delivers as required.
    What two people do today, increase the productivity to levels that one person starts to deliver that.
    Unshackle the bureaucracy from their political masters, end this rather toxic nexus.
    Bring in all round accountability and in case people cant deliver, they face consequences where termination is not considered a taboo but a regular recurrence, people need to feel the pressure of delivering.

    2. Who will and where will all the funding for all the TV, Achohol, money, and literally everything come from?
    The best thing for anyone then would be to become a drunkard and live off through government funding. why ever work when everything is being provided on the platter all free.
    Does India have someone who will keep signing the bearers cheque one after the other?
    Is there some sort of a god father this country has who will keep funding all such things!

    With the little nonsense this government is doing, the fiscal deficit has risen to 8%, and then there will be a rat race between the GoI and state governments on who doles out more, as such the fiscal deficit of state governments was more than GoI’s last year. Central government’s public debt at a staggering 72%. Tax to gdp ratio at a mere 10%.
    What you are proposing will make India a bankrupt country many times over and in no time.

    Please think of measures on how employment can be generated.
    Think of how people can be of use to the country and that not be done by making them a burden on the exchequer but by making them an asset for the state where they earn exchequer for the state.
    Please kindly move out of the socialist mindset.

    PS: By any chance you are preparing for the civil services?
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    There is a difference between too much regulation and too much bureaucracy, we have 1 IAS officer for 250,000 people, I think that's a little insane.

    No I'm keeping it the same.
    Present system:
    Requirement of 6000 IAS filled by 3,000 merit and 3,000 quota
    Improved system
    Requirement of 6000 IAS filled by 6,000 merit and 3,000 quota, the number of people in the reserved category stays the same.

    That is not going to happen, will never happen in India for a long time, sorry, but, I've lost patience.
    Same goes for the other points, these are what should be done.
    My suggestions are about what CAN be done.

    Ok, let's scale it down to basic needs like Food, electricity.

    Don't I know it?
    But India will be a damned welfare state.
    With our Marxist history there's simply no avoiding it, I'll explain again, this thread is about what CAN be done, not what should.
    In the end , it is inevitable that we'll face a choice between paying for a man's welfare, or for the welfare of his family(him included).
    Our country was destroyed even before it was built.
    What exactly is the MPI poverty rate of India?
    How much money do we spend on the MNREGA, on farmer subsidies, on the upcoming food security bill?
    Sure, had we done exactly what I've been espousing, we'd have ended up with a sizable debt, but with more productive and energetic people, we would start paying it back.
    We cannot end up like the UK, remember the riots in August.
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