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    Cheers to a reader's suggestion: Income tax payers should be exempt from booze bans.

    In the midst of a groundswell of prohibition sweeping the country , from Bihar to Kerala, reader Sunil Gupta, a resident of Gurgaon, has come up with what he calls a `win-win' strategy .

    Wherever it's been imposed, prohibition has been a `win-loss' equation. On the `win' side are women, mostly from the labourer class, whose menfolk get drunk, blow their wages on booze and beat their wives. On the `lose' side, the state foregoes revenue, a liquor mafia gets entrenched, and people die drinking homemade hooch.

    The Gupta Formula suggests a way out of this zero sum game: exempt registered income tax payers who constitute a mere 3-5% of the country's population from prohibition.

    If you pay income tax, you must have a regular and responsible job, or have acquired or inherited assets which you manage profitably to the benefit of both yourself and the government exchequer to which you contribute.

    All this ought to indicate that you are a pillar of society and can be trusted to have a convivial drink without becoming a menace to have a convivial drink without becoming a menace to your fellow citizens. So by all means have prohibition, but bypass those who have PAN cards.

    An elitist view which further widens the divide between the haves (PANwalas) and the have-nots (PANless labourers)? Perhaps. But such a `quota' system, or `reservation policy' for a specific section of society which our sarkar grants to an increasing number of castes and sub-castes might well work.

    The Gupta Formula goes on to argue that this `tax and tipple' provision might even induce tax evaders to become honest PANwalas, a pious hope which endorses the view that one has to have one's wits addled, with drink or otherwise, to voluntarily shell out money to the sarkar.

    Anyway , it's worth a try , if for nothing else than because, apart from hooch-making for the PANless, it could also give rise to another cottage industry of fake PAN cards and boost the rural economy. (LOL!)


    I think that's a novel idea! What say you?

    Cheers! [​IMG]

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