Judicial probe ordered into illegal detention case

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    Chandigarh : Holding Patiala CIA staff prima facie guilty of acting beyond jurisdiction in an illegal detention case, the Punjab and Haryana High Court has ordered judicial probe. Issuing the directions after detainee Nasim Ahmed was found with the CIA staff, Justice Ranjit Singh also made it clear that the officials would not be let off the hook, if found guilty of acting beyond jurisdiction.

    Nasim Ahmed of Saharanpur district was working for a jeweller there. A communication alleging Ahmed’s illegal detention, received through post by the high court, was treated as a writ petition. Initially, his employers allegedly told the family that Ahmed had been sent out of station on a business tour. After about six days, and a panchayat meeting, his brother was asked to come to Patiala.

    On May 22, Ahmed, escorted by two or three cops in civil clothes, was brought to a lonely park. Breaking down, Ahmed alleged illegal detention by the staff, as allegations of theft at jewellery shop were levelled against him, the letter said.

    Justice Ranjit Singh ruled: “The facts as narrated would prima facie indicate that the presence of Ahmed with the CIA staff is not as innocent as is being made out. The person from Saharanpur is found present at Patiala that, too, in the CIA staff…

    “It would clearly show that the police at CIA staff has acted beyond jurisdiction to deal with a person, who was from Saharanpur, which is outside the state, for which the police would not have the jurisdiction to investigate or even register the complaint. Apparently, some person at the CIA staff has done so on being approached by the employer….

    “Prima facie, case of illegal detention of Nasim Ahmed is made out. Before issuing further directions, I deem it appropriate to direct inquiry to find out the exact factual position and to know as to why Nasim Ahmed was detained by the CIA staff, Patiala, if it was so.

    “Chief Judicial Magistrate, Patiala, is directed to hold an inquiry into this case and give his report within three months. Further directions would follow in case it is found that the CIA staff has acted illegally or beyond the call of duty and beyond their jurisdiction by illegally detaining a person who is from outside the state of Punjab.

    “The CJM, Patiala, would also go into the reasons as to how the CIA staff, Patiala, if it is so, has acted in this manner and what was the motive behind all this and who and at whose instance at CIA staff all this was done”.

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