JNU student arrested in Naxal area, carried 'coded info': Police

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    JNU student arrested in Naxal area, carried 'coded info': Police

    Vivek Deshpande : Nagpur, Sun Aug 25 2013

    Hem Mishra, the JNU student arrested in Gadchiroli, was carrying "coded" information from "top academic circles" in New Delhi to be delivered to the CPM Central Committee in Maad area of Chhattisgarh, sources told The Sunday Express.
    Mishra, an alleged Naxal courier, was arrested along with two others on Thursday night by the Gadchiroli police in Maharashtra for alleged links with the ultras.

    According to sources, Mishra (32) travelled from New Delhi to Gadchiroli's Aheri town for the mission a few days ago. The police gained intelligence about his movement from sources and were keeping an eye on the town. They managed to apprehend three suspects — Mishra, Mahesh Tirki and Pandu Narote — from Aheri's bus stand, sources said.

    Deputy Inspector General of Police Ravidra Kadam said the three have been remanded in police custody for 10 days.

    Sources said "the coded information was being carried in a micro-chip that was embedded in a visiting card and it may take days for the police to decode it".

    They added that the information had come from top academic circles in New Delhi, where Maoists is alleged to have their ideological base.

    It is gathered that Mishra, who hails from Uttarakhand, was a regular courier for top Naxal leaders.

    He is enrolled in the BA (Chinese) course in the School of Languages, Literature and Cultural Studies in JNU.

    It is alleged that a well-entrenched courier network has been the mainstay of Naxal communication for more than three decades. But ever since security operations were intensified, it has been severely affected, police said.

    "The coded information was to be taken to (CPM Special Zonal Committee member) Narmadakka, who was supposed to take it to Central Committee members who have been confined to the impregnable Maad area because of security operations," a police source said.

    The police said "secret" Naxal documents and money to be delivered to Narmadakka was also recovered from Mishra.

    As soon as Mishra was arrested, news spread in Maoist circles as well as among his friends in New Delhi and other cities through social networking sites.

    In a statement, the Revolutionary Democratic Front condemned the "arbitrary arrest of cultural and student activist Hem Mishra by the Maharashtra State Police".

    "No information regarding his current whereabouts has been provided to his family and friends," RDF President Varavara Rao said.

    JNU Students Union president V Lenin Kumar said the issue of Mishra being a 'Maoist courier' is debatable and the union will take a decision only after there is more clarity.

    "I have been on JNU campus since 2007 and I have never heard of any such activity on the campus," Lenin said.


    Ok who are those "top academic circles". don`t gov doesnt know about them .i bet they do .

    second thing "Revolutionary Democratic Front" doesn`t it sound like a chinses funded front.

    National Interest: Current accountability deficit

    by Shekhar Gupta : Sat Aug 24 2013 :

    Postscript: Here is a conversation not long ago with a well-informed global tycoon with large business interests in China and India. What is the difference between doing business in the two, I asked. In China, he said, once they decide to do something, they do it, no second thoughts, no retreats. Deng, he said, said 30 years ago, that within 25 years China should control 90 per cent of the world's rare metals and minerals (gadolinite, cerium, plus scandium and yttrium, etc) without which no modern electronic or telecom gadget can be produced. By now, they control at least 80 per cent of these. And when the Japanese "misbehaved", the Chinese squeezed these supplies and all of them, from Panasonic to Sony, went down on their knees. "And you know what," he said, "of the remaining 20 per cent in the entire world, India has more than half. And if you cannot access most of it, because of people you call as Maoists or Naxalites or their intellectual backers, and you think the Chinese have nothing to do with it, you know where you live. On cloud cuckooland."


    If we believe in that tycoon then seriously we are in big trouble because of this so called top academic circles
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    Stupid JNU jhollawala's, think that they can change the world.
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    So JNU academcians have started supporting terrorists.

    Time to close down that anti-Indian university and investigate all the staff and students; especially those in political science, government-related studies departments.

    Considering their hate for Indian culture and their lust for communism and 'peaceful' religion, they were always suspect of morally supporting terrorists against India.

    Chor se agar poochhoge ki chori kee hai, to kya who haan bolega?!

    Obviously the scumbag is lying.

    So JNU has become another SIMI.

    I hope the coming new government bans these scums somehow.

    Terrorism against India has somehow become a fashion among liberals and leftists.
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    a friend of mine is doing her graduation from jnu and she tells me that they spent much more time in protesting about sh8tty things and less time in class :gangnam:

    masala dosa is really cheap in jnu's canteen :p
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    The whole comi literature is designed to convince relatively intelligent but inexperienced youth, that they are going to save the world by joining the party.

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