Jharkhand - now prime recruiting ground for Indian Mujahideen

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    Why am I finding this on Daily Mail and not on any Indian site..???

    Terror web spreads to Jharkhand: State revealed as prime recruiting ground for Indian Mujahideen

    The widening web of India's home-grown terror outfit, Indian Mujahideen (IM), has now found a new haven - Jharkhand.
    The terror group, responsible for a series of attacks across the country, has developed strong links with some Naxalite cadres and Jharkhand, which is believed to be a Maoist stronghold, is emerging as its new hub, suggest fresh intelligence inputs accessed by Mail Today.

    According to sources, Jharkhand has become the new recruitment centre for IM. The disclosure came following the arrest of an IM suspect, Manzar Imam, by the National Investigation Agency (NIA) in March this year.


    High recruitment

    Imam, who hails from Jharkhand, disclosed during his interrogation that IM is recruiting members from the state in big numbers.
    "Not just Jharkhand but even other states hit by Left-wing extremism such as West Bengal, Bihar and parts of Andhra Pradesh are providing recruits to the outfit," said an intelligence officer.

    With the busting of several strong units of the IM like the Azamgarh module of UP, Darbhanga module of Bihar and a South module comprising youths from Karnataka, the terror group is looking for new operatives. Intelligence agencies are alarmed as the IM has a pan-India presence now and is also said to have links with international radical Islamic groups such as Hizbut Tahrir, which is banned in several countries.

    Following Manzar's disclosure, anti-terror agencies are probing IM's nexus with Red rebels. "The IM-Naxal nexus is under scrutiny. Some of the IM members who are being recruited from Maoist strongholds could have links with them," said an intelligence officer." Terror groups often share information and are in touch with each other," the officer added.

    New module

    The angle is being looked into by the NIA even in the recent serial blasts in the Mahabodhi temple in Bodh Gaya, Bihar. Sources in NIA said the attack in Gaya seems to be the work of a new module of the IM. "It is clear that an organised group is behind it. Planting 13 bombs requires planning. It is suspected to be IM but a new module set up in the neighbouring state of Jharkhand could be responsible for the attack," said an NIA officer.

    Sources in the NIA said Manzar attended a training camp in Kerala and was given the responsibility of recruiting youths from Jharkhand since he belonged to the state. He is alleged to be an important functionary of the banned Students Islamic Movement of India (SIMI) and later joined the IM.

    A fresh revelation that Amir Raza Khan, one of the founder members of IM, originally hails from Gaya has led the agencies to probe some of his old contacts. So far, it was believed that Khan was from Kolkata. Support from Pakistan-based terror outfits is also not ruled out. Sources said even in the past Pakistan's Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) had made attempts to support the Naxalites in India.

    Hiding in Pakistan

    Top IM operatives such as Bhatkal brothers-Riyaz and Iqbal-and Amir Raza Khan are said to be hiding in Pakistan with the help of ISI and Lashkar-e-Tayyeba. It is possible that these IM commanders in Pakistan are instructing their cadres in India to foster ties with the Naxalites," an intelligence officer said.
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    Its good time for diggy and other secularist's to join ...........

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