Japan's Flagship Project DMIC Connects India 2030 Economy

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    Japan's Flagship Project DMIC Connects India 2030 Economy
    Exclusive Interview with Japan's JICA –Director General Mr. Matsumoto Katsuo.
    Japanese companies are committed towards international market expansion for more than 3 to 4 decades now and continuing to emphasize on overseas Brand Building, Sales as well as seeking to build strong Supply Value chain. While it is Said Japanese companies are very slow in decision making for India Market; currently there are 1072 Japanese Companies in India, the recent Japan’s Daiichi Sankyo relinquishing control of Indian Pharmaceutical Company Ranbaxy Laboratories Ltd was highlighted news in Japan and India. Synergies and Commitment for better working models will play role in sustaining the Companies tie- up and their growth; In an Exclusive Interview with Japan`s JICA* General Director Mr. Matsumoto says “ Always excited to work on India Projects”, and sees immense potential to unleash and unlock the India-Japan market for all sectors should the Business approach is more systemized. Currently Mr. Matsumoto Handles the JICA`s Flagship Project DMIC Implementation and other lined up projects for India. [Japan International Co-operation Agency- (JICA)].
    Q. India is the biggest receiver of Japan ODA [Overseas Development Assistance] after China; please give an overview of the JICA projects for India
    A. True, India is largest receiver of Japan`s ODA currently, Japanese cumulative commitment of ODA loans to India is at 3,800 billion Japanese Yen (Rs 2,30,000 crore approximately) as of 2013. JICA has signed around 240 ODA loan agreements with India in various fields ranging from road, metro projects, water supply and sanitation, environment conservation, power and several other infrastructure sectors. Every year we add 7 to 8 new projects for India. Flagship project is DMIC being the reflection of Japan`s 1964`s pacific belt development model. DMIC project will play a significant role in India`s economic, industrial and urban development. We hope and eagerly look forward that by 2020 minimum of 3 phases will be completed and DMIC zone will contribute to India`s GDP realistically; and By 2030 India will be reaping its benefits in terms of Manufacturing Hub in full swing and Job creation.
    Q. After much speculation and hurdles DMIC first phase has started/kicked off; how do you see the journey so far?
    A. Well. As generally said; there were top 3 challenges initially. Land Acquisition, Tendering Process and getting teamed up with right authorities. As the project kept moving on every challenge was consistently studied and taken care of with effort from India Team. Currently we are hoping that Many EPC companies would come forward

    Japan's Flagship Project DMIC Connects India 2030 Economy - Financial Express
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    3 phases??? And how many phases there are in DMIC project??

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