Japan, US Revising Defense Plans With Eye on China

Discussion in 'Indo Pacific & East Asia' started by Ray, Oct 9, 2014.

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    This will surely spook China even more than what it is spooked.

    It appears that the US is serious to take on China's challenge for world domination and has seen through the pious platitudinous claptrap that China spews from time to time.

    Japan is a historical enemy who has humbled China on many occasions and so is no newcomer to the game. She has her agenda chalked out. Peace, but not on China's terms seems to be the message.

    The US is striving hard to rope in India, and Vietnam will always be a ready participant, notwithstanding its earlier relationship with the US.

    Australis is already on the bandwagon given the ANZUS Treaty obligations.

    China is up for a rough time ahead?

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