Japan PM Abe dividing China, India: Chinese daily

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    Japan PM Abe dividing China, India: Chinese daily

    BEIJING: Accusing Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe of "dividing" China and India, a state-run Chinese daily said Indo-Japan ties face "huge uncertainty" in view of rise of BRICS and emerging Sino-Indian cooperation.

    "BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) agreed establish their own development bank, ushering Sino-Indian strategic cooperation into a new historical era," said an article in the state-run Global Times' web edition on the current visit of Prime Minister Narendra Modi to Japan.

    "Beijing's improving maritime strategies and the development of China-India strategic relations will inevitably exert far-reaching influence upon Japan's strategic resources, channels and markets. Consequently, dividing China and India has become a key issue for Abe," said the ruling Communist Party-run newspaper known for its usually nationalistic views.

    "Tokyo and New Delhi must consider the coexistence of China, Japan and the US in the region when promoting their security cooperation," it said.

    "As two Asian powers, how the growing intimacy between Japan and India coordinates with US "rebalancing to Asia" strategy and cooperates with BRICS member states will wield direct influence upon regional architecture. Therefore this solicits plenty of attention," it said.

    It said security is another area of cooperation between India and Japan.

    "When Abe travelled to India early this year, he proposed beefing up the cooperation between the two national security committees. This time, they will probably launch a "two plus two" mechanism of diplomacy and defence to intensify their collaboration in air and sea," it said.

    During his India visit, Abe increased the official development assistance to India to 210 billion yen ($2.02 billion) and provided a programme worth $ 4.5 billion to obtain orders for Japanese nuclear power firms, it said.

    Tokyo attaches great importance to India's vast market and infrastructure projects, it said.

    However, Modi is more inclined to attract investment from Japanese firms to help with the manufacturing industry.

    "All in all, the Japan-India relationship, in the context of current international politics, witnesses too many uncertain actors in its development," it said.

    China despises Abe for his nationalistic stand over the East China Sea dispute with Beijing and calls him a "troublemaker".

    Japan PM Abe dividing China, India: Chinese daily - The Times of India

    I do not understand the chinese logic here, First they will come inside the Indian Boundaries in Ladakh camp their to bully India during there important tours and meet ups, then they accuse third party for spoiling India - China relations.

    Either countries around China do not know how chinese logic works or chinese logic makes no sense.

    The bullying attempts that are going on will not work rather they will only bring downfall in bilateral relationship between India and China.
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    India will never forget that it was Chau En Lai then Chinese Premier who suggested to Pakistan in 1963 for a joint attack on India to cut off Kashmir... It is the same China that helped Pakistan through it stooge North Korea on Missile and Nuclear technology...

    One should not forget history or else it will be sure to repeat it...

    India beware of China a true back stabber... Nehru was foolish to trust China, he saw the ugly face it will too late then...

    It is to be remembered that it was India that was with Japan in the initial years of isolation...

    There is much respect for each others culture... I have happened to work with Chinese, Filipinos, Vietnamese, Malaysians and Japanese... What struct me about the Japanese are their work culture, honesty to whatever to do...
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    You divide what is one, something that India & China haven't been centuries now.
    When we are not one, where is the division coming from?
    Empty rhetoric, nothing else.
    Lets tell the Chinese same when they visit Pak next.

    Some genius is scrolling this at TimesNow - 'Japan PM dividing China, India'.
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    My God!Those Japanese splitists!How dare they sabotage China-India unity!!:lol:
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    What if it turns out at the end of the day that India, China and Japan ..all three follow the wisdom of mutual respect and peaceful coexistence. Where the dividers will stand then? Another nail in the coffin of hegemony.
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