Jagan's 75 room mansion in Hyd under CBI scanner

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    If only Jagan Reddy had not left Congress(I) to form YSRCP all this would have never been investigated ! No corruption in Andhra I believe as Congress(I) is ruling though ,2 ministers indicted in corruption but refusing to step down - who would have known as our MSM would never have anything against their beloved paymaster

    Hyderabad: CBI assessing Jaganmohan Reddy's house value

    For the majority of us, building a house is a dream come true. It is a culmination of years of hard work; hours spent in office or factories with little time for family and friends.

    YSR Congress party president Y. S. Jaganmohan Reddy had a similar dream. But at 5,807 square yards (52,263 sq feet), his residence is way too big for most of us.

    Lotus Mahal, as Jagan's bungalow in the posh Jubilee Hills area of Hyderabad is called, has recently been in the news with the CBI launching a probe on the assets of the former Andhra Pradesh chief minister's son. The focus on Jagan's illegal wealth has taken the sleuths to the doorsteps of his palatial bungalow. But such is the enormity of the task that despite five days of measurement and calculation, the CBI is yet to assess the entire value of the property.

    On Tuesday, the CBI sleuths led by police super H. Venkatesh, and accompanied by officials from the income-tax department and those from the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) continued the valuation work.

    "It is not just the construction value of the building and the market rate of the land. The authorities are even calculating the value of furniture, accessories, air conditioners, furnishings, wall hangings and chandeliers in the house besides that of building material used," a CBI source said.

    The CBI has taken the help of satellite images provided by the National Remote Sensing Centre in Hyderabad to assess the dimension of the house and find out whether there were any deviations from the original plan approved by the GHMC. The authorities carried out a similar evaluation on the residence of Jagan's sister Sharmila Reddy, which is located within the same premises.

    The CBI is also probing Jagan's money source.

    Lotus Mahal has a huge office complex, a massive guest house with nearly 30 bedrooms, besides 20 servant quarters and a double-story outhouse at the back. "The overall cost of the land and the building would be around Rs.140 crore," a CBI officer said.

    And taking into account the amount spent on building the house for his sister, the entire property could be worth around Rs.200 crore.

    Jagan's sister Sharmila reportedly owns 1,800 square yards (16,200 sq feet) in which her evangelist-husband Anil Kumar has built a church, adjoining the house.

    The Lotus Mahal is built on an area of 5,807 square yards (52,263 sq feet). Four years back six individual plots were purchased from different owners at an overall cost of Rs.24 crore and then brought together to construct the building.

    The six plots were purchased by Jagan's front companies - Utopia Infrastructure, Capstone Infrastructure, Classic Realty and Marvel Infrastructure - in which he and his family have huge stakes.
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    Bow to the new NIzam!

    Elections are close.........
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    knowingly or unknowingly you spoke the correct thing.
    with massive 1 lakh crore scam he is now powerful enough to withhold the central government itself

    its said his bathroom is at the size of triple bedroom flat

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