It's OK if minorities don't repay loans, Karnataka Congress chief

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    It's OK if minorities don't repay loans, Karnataka Congress chief G Parameshwara says

    BANGALORE: In the race to appease the minorities in the run-up to the Lok Sabha elections next year, KPCC president G Parameshwara on Saturday suggested it's all right for them to cheat by not repaying loans taken from government agencies.

    At a Congress workshop for here on schemes for minorities, Parameshwara said several people who had taken loans had cheated the government by not repaying them. "The Karnataka Minorities Development Corporation, instead of giving small loans, should sanction huge amounts like Rs 50 lakh. Never mind if the beneficiaries don't repay the loans. Topi hakidre parvagilla (colloquial for 'no issues if they cheat'). Many people and officials have duped government agencies of several thousands of crores of rupees. It's part of the development process," he said.

    Also present at the workshop were Union minister for minority affairs K Rahman Khan, former MP CK Jaffer Sharief, minister Qamarul Islam, R Roshan Baig and Naseer Ahmed.

    The opposition was quick to react. Former chief minister and Karnataka Janata Party supremo BS Yeddyurappa said a person in a responsible position should not make such statements. "Statements appeasing minorities is wrong. Such statements will definitely have a bearing on the administration," he said.

    State BJP president Prahlad Joshi alleged that the Congress has been duping the minorities. "There is nothing surprising in this statement, and Parameshwara has made the party's intentions clear," he said.
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    India is changing.

    All these sops won't work.

    By doing these things, they are alienation a whole lot since no longer anyone believes in such things since this election is going to be about survival and bread and butter issues!

    Union minister for minority affairs K Rahman Khan is the biggest clot.

    Sometimes I wonder is he is a BJP mole who is setting the cat amongst the pigeons of the Indian populace!
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