It starts in Indonesia too - Indonesian punk rock fans in ‘moral rehabilitation’

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    BANDA ACEH: Indonesian sharia police are “morally rehabilitating” more than 60 young punk rock fans in Aceh province on Sumatra island, saying the youths are tarnishing the province’s image.

    Since being arrested at a punk rock concert in the provincial capital Banda Aceh on Saturday night, 59 male and five female punk rock fans have been forced to have their hair cut, bathe in a lake, change clothes and pray.

    “We feared that the Islamic sharia law implemented in this province will be tainted by their activities,” Banda Aceh deputy mayor Illiza Sa’aduddin Djamal, who ordered the arrests, told AFP on Wednesday.

    “We hope that by sending them to rehabilitation they will eventually repent.”

    Hundreds of Indonesian punk fans came from around the country to attend the concert, organised to raise money for orphans.

    Police stormed the venue and arrested fans sporting mohawks, tattoos, tight jeans and chains, who were on Tuesday taken to a nearby town to undergo a 10-day “moral rehabilitation” camp run by police.

    A girl cried as women in headscarves cut her long unruly hair into a short bob, and some of the men groaned as their heads were shaved, according to an AFP correspondent at the camp.

    “Why did they arrest us? They haven’t given us any reason,” said Fauzal, 20.

    “We didn’t steal anything, we weren’t bothering anyone. It’s our right to go to a concert.”

    A 22-year-old man from Medan city, who did not want to be named, said he feared he would lose his job for staying at the camp for 10 days.

    Read Full Way: Indonesian punk rock fans in ‘moral rehabilitation’ | | DAWN.COM

    (Muslim Majority or Increasing Numbers will soon Imply Sharia as muslims get radicalized globally and we all know what Sharia has installed for us non-muslims and humanity - India will be no different)
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    Pop fans should be morally rehabilitated. Punk rock is fine.
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    Not all Muslims. But these particular Muslims in Indonesia enforcing their religious bigotry against some hapless rock wannabes should "learn how to loosen up." Let their hairs down. Relax, enjoy and age vitam!
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