ISRO to launch 2 satellites this month

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    ISRO to launch 2 satellites this month -
    For over three years now, students from the
    Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur (IITK) and
    the Chennai-based SRM University have been
    working on the design and development of two
    nano satellites.
    Jugnu and SRMSAT designed and developed by
    the IITK and SRM University, respectively, will ride
    piggy-back on the Indo-French Megha-Tropiques
    when it will be launched from the spaceport later
    this month.
    Professor Nalinaksh S Vyas, Jugnu project
    coordinator, told DNA that over 50 students from
    IITK were currently in Bangalore to give final
    touches to the satellite. "Final tests and integration
    are currently on at the ISRO Satellite Centre,
    Bangalore," he said.
    According to the Jugnu team, the programme
    development started in 2008 with a team of just
    three students and over time, the team has
    grown to 50 students drawn from I year
    undergraduate course to final year postgraduate
    courses and 14 professors from different
    The main objectives of the mission are to initiate
    research activities for the development of MEMS-
    based Nano-satellite, to test new cheap solutions
    for the future cost-effective space missions, to set
    the path for future upgradations and study such
    validation concepts for possible upgradations.
    The SRMSAT is a 10 kg satellite, which has been
    designed and developed by SRM University's
    Mechanical, Aerospace, Electrical, and Chemical
    Engineering students. The satellite will monitor
    green house gases in the atmosphere.
    ISRO has in the past launched student satellites.
    The space agency had launched STUDSAT,
    India's first pico-satellite which was developed by
    a consortium of seven engineering colleges from
    Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh.
    It had also launched the Indo-Russian satellite
    YOUTHSAT for stellar and atmospheric studies
    earlier this year.IIT Kanpur students who are part
    of the project.
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    good work by iitians... and srm is a new entrant.. i seriously looked down upon srm for years... though good move...
    moreover they should do more research upon semiconductor and telecom rather than reinventing wheel or doing costly experiments...
    i know they got the mojo

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