Israeli Eitan UAVs for French Air Force

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    Israeli Eitan UAVs for French Air Force: Armed Forces Int. News
    The French Air Force is set to have a new
    Unmanned Aerial Vehicle design in service by
    2014, according to an announcement made by
    the French Defence Ministry in late July 2011.
    The UAV will have medium-altitude long-
    endurance (MALE) qualities, allowing it to carry
    out lengthy missions and it'll be supplied via a
    collaboration between Dassault of France and
    Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI). It'll use an
    existing UAV design, the IAI Heron TP, as its
    basis, giving it additional features in line with
    France's requirements.
    The original IAI Heron can carry out extended,
    52-hour missions at heights of over 30,000 feet.
    Powered by a single 115 horsepower engine and
    capable of carrying a 550 pound payload, the
    Heron's in widespread military service, equipping
    Turkey, Singapore, India, Germany, Australia,
    Canada and many other nations.
    The Heron TP is a significantly-upgraded Heron
    and, in Israeli service, has a new name - the Eitan.
    French Air Force Eitan UAV
    The first French Air Force Eitan UAV is expected in 2014 and the last in 2016 and the deal has an estimated value of some 350 million Euros.
    According to industry sources, the French Air Force will ultimately get an estimated 30+ Heron TPs and, while the components will be manufactured in Israel, they'll be pieced together in France..
    UAVs like the Heron and the Eitan have become
    an integral part of modern warfare. Able to carry
    out high-level, detailed reconnaissance missions,
    they can acquire and stream data without causing
    immediate risk to human life.
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