Israel warns India of al Qaeda threat, seeks protection of its subject

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    Israel's alert to Indian intelligence and security agencies has given rise to fears that al-Qaeda and its affiliated groups are making inroads into the country. The alert was sent by Israel seeking protection for its citizens and assets in India in the light of recent international terror threats.

    As per Israel's threat perception, al-Qaeda and its affiliated organisations - al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb, al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula and Ansar al-Sharia - may try to attack Israeli citizens when they are in India.

    The Israeli inputs cannot be brushed off lightly as interrogations of Indian Mujahideen (IM) terror operative Yasin Bhatkal's by central intelligence agencies in India revealed that IM's Pak-based founder member Riyaz Bhatkal has had several rounds of meetings with al-Qaeda leaders in Pakistan. The purpose was to expand the IM's area of operation and also plan and execute international terror attacks.

    The alert comes in the wake of the Jewish holidays and festival season in May and June when citizens travel extensively to various parts of the world. This is the time when the community celebrates Israel's Independence Day, Lag B'Omer and Shavuot holidays. The alert suggests that there is a possibility that Israeli tourists may be attacked at hotels, Chabad centres, synagogues, restaurants, community centres and other places of Jewish congregation.
    The inputs also suggests there could be danger to Israeli's concentrations at airports and even at seaports where Israeli ships arrive. In the Mumbai terror attacks in 2008, Jewish centres were specifically targeted.

    In 2012, a terrorist attack was carried out against Israeli citizen in India and in Bulgaria. There were attempted terrorist attacks that were thwarted that same year against Israeli targets in Thailand and Georgia.

    Israel warns India of al Qaeda threat, seeks protection of its subjects : North, News - India Today
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