Israel to share with Indian cops anti-terror experience, technology

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    Two large contingents of policemen from across India are set to travel to Israel for first-of-its-kind week-long interactions with their counterparts, who will share with them homeland security procedures and advanced technologies used in the conflict-hit West Asian country to enforce law and combat terrorism.

    With both India and Israel keen to step up security cooperation and ready to bring it out of closet, nearly 150 policemen undergoing training at Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel National Police Academy are set to travel to Jerusalem. The first batch is set to leave on Saturday, while the second will go next month. Both batches comprise personnel at different echelons of police hierarchy in the states. This is the first time Israel is hosting such a large contingent of policemen from India and it is being seen as yet another sign of growing counter-terrorism and homeland security cooperation between the two nations.

    “As Israel has unfortunately been a victim of terrorism, it has learnt how to confront this terrible menace and how to respond to and deal with terrorist attacks,” Israel’s ambassador to India Daniel Carmon told Deccan Herald on Thursday. “And Israel is ready to share with India what it learnt.”

    Israel will open the door of its new state-of-the-art national police academy at Beit Shemesh (nearly 30 Kilometres west of Jerusalem) for the visiting policemen from India.
    The development comes at a time when India is shedding its inhibitions and seeking to boost bilateral ties security and defence ties with Israel, particularly after the BJP-led NDA came to power at the Centre in May last year.

    Carmon said the Israeli police would share with their counterparts from India “the Israeli way and Israeli system” of combating terrorism and responding to terror attacks and present to them advanced counterterrorism and homeland security technologies currently in use in Israel.

    India & Israel

    First batch to leave on Saturday, next one to go in August
    This is a first-of-its-kind move by Israel
    India & Israel inked 3 pacts in Feb 2014
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    Akhand Bharat
    They already trained and equipped Punjab and Delhi police SWAT team . That is another story Punjab police in 5 yrs did not practice training except training of raandi and Daru baaji And sold their Israeli equipment in chor bazaar , evident from recent terror atack

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