Islamic and Pakistani Megalomania: Harbouring Dangerous Delusions

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    The above is a video uploaded on Youtube by a character called GreaterPakistan. It strikes me as an example of Islamic and Pakistani megalomania. There is clearly an extremely intense and deep strain of megalomania in Islam in general and in Pakistanis in particular. (I noticed this on one pro-Pak military forum.) And the Pakistanis have over 120 thermonuclear weapons. Not a good mix! :(

    For a country that is rated the 10th failed state in the world out of the world's top 20 failed states for 2014, for a country which is largely dependent on foreign aid for its survival as it is effectively bankrupt, for a country with so many of its people impoverished, for a country that cannot even manage its most basic affairs competently, such as the regular supply of electricity to its people, for a country that has an inadequate and failing infrastructure, for a country racked by continual civil strife, largely brought on itself by its government trying to manipulate Islamist fanatics and extremists, these delusions of power held by so many of its people border on the psychotic and are extremely dangerous.

    You have your work cut out for you, India, in having a power-crazed headcase of a country like Pakistan right nextdoor.

    If anyone else can find more examples of Islamic and/or Pakistani megalomania, I would welcome them showing those examples by posting them on this thread.
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