ISIS is the creation of UK and US's failed Syria policy

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    ISIS is the creation of UK and US's failed Syria policy:
    Former military chief David

    Former head of the armed forces, General Sir David Richards, has held the United States' and the United Kingdom's Syria policy responsible for the swift rise of militant group, Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) . He said during an interview that Washington and London although encouraged rebels in Syria to keep fighting President Bashar al- Assad's regime but denied them the means to win the fight. The frustration that followed became the precursor to the formation of the militant organization that has now spread to Iraq as well, reported The Independent.
    Richards said that there was a contingency plan that was to ensure that the rebels would be capable of taking on the Assad regime within a year but it involved risks. However, if implemented, it could have prevented the situation from worsening, he added. Commenting on the current scenario, he said that the group has grown into a much bigger challenge today than it was two years ago that will require bigger responses. The former military chief remarked that the U.S and the U.K. still do not have a clear strategy for countering the ISIS that has captured large swathes of territory in Syria and Iraq and has beheaded an American journalist James Foley. Pointing towards a lack of understanding, he warned that the full extent of the threat posed by the group is not being understood even now.
    ISIS is the creation of UK and US's failed Syria policy: Former military chief David Richards | Latest News & Updates at Daily News & Analysis
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    Not entirely true.

    ISIS is bunch of trained Sunni soldiers of Saddam Hussein who did not find favor with the American regime from 203 till 2008. They lost all influence when the Shias came to power in Iraq. But the hidden influences, all radicals, got them enrolled in the Iraqi Army when they were handing out free guns and training. They decamped with guns, training as they already had and joined that radical leader Bagdaddi. The latter also attracted all the Al Qaeda elements and other religiously radical elements. All funding was secured from Qatar and Saudi Arabia. When the timing was right, they unleashed themselves. The Kurds and Shias melted away leaving ISIS to go ahead and capture swaths of territory in Syria and iraq.

    Situation in Syria had been ripe for months. American effort to overthrow the Syrian leader had failed, hence ISIS leader decided to move, taking advantage of the chaos in both Syria and Iraq.

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