Is/was Osama a terrorist/outlaw in the eyes of Pakistani authorities?

Discussion in 'Pakistan' started by Yusuf, May 9, 2011.

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    I as this question, did the Pakistani authorities consider Osama a terrorist, an outlaw who must be caught and tried?

    If the answer is yes, then I ask Why? What crime did he commit against Pakistan? None. So why was he a wanted man in the eyes of Pak authorities? I don't think there is any "documentary" evidence to prove OBL did anything against the law of Pakistan. So why?

    But my main point is, if Osama who had himself not broken any law in Pakistan and still considered fugitive in Pakistan just because he was Americas most wanted, then Indias most wanted Hafiz Saeed fits the bill as well. For the last three years Pakistan has been dragging it's feet on Saeed asking india for any direct involvement of Saeed India. Another case that smacks of hypocrisy on the part of Pakistan and a clear case of connivance with terrorists at the highest level.
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    The seeming hypocrisy of Pakistanis is only because we extrapolate our perception as universal logic.For an average Pakistani,whether a commoner or high ranked official,Osama and Saeed are not terrorists,but holy warriors,whose cause must empathized even if circumstances does not allow open admiration.wasn't it Musharraf who famously related his switching sides with Americans with the 'Treaty of Hudaibiya',thus giving a historical context to the dilema of Islamic states.

    This indicates,as indicative as they can get,that devout Muslims cannot bring themselves to dislike the cause of Osama and Hafeez Saeed,they are essentially of the nature which Muslims are brought their lifetime to revere.The lesson for Indian in he Osama episode is that,Pakistan will never be convinced through the power of diplomatic persuasion to disown and betray Hafeez Saeed,or his like,to India.....president Obama and his administration knew that,its baffling why India alone persists in this logic that Islamic Pakistan is going to handover a Islamic 'Ghazi'

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