Is the Environment ministry the new Permit Raj?

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    A scathing piece by Tehelka on the shenanigans of the Envionrment ministry and the need to have an independant body like the SEBI that regulates capital markets

    Tehelka - India's Independent Weekly News Magazine

    IN THE bad old days before Narasimha Rao liberated us from the Licence Permit Raj, it took a minimum of three years (the average was closer to seven years) to obtain an industrial licence. Anyone who wanted to start a factory was treated as if he or she were a supplicant. Guess what, very few factories were started in India and ordinary people couldn’t easily buy TV sets, refrigerators or motorcycles. The current government was clearly unhappy that factories, and for that matter other businesses, are getting started relatively quickly. So they invented the Ministry of Environment and Forests (MoEF) with the specific objective of reintroducing arbitrariness and delays into our national economic decision-making. This behemoth of a ministry has armed itself with rules that have been written by the ministry itself. It is unclear whether these rules are a logical extension of the laws of the land, which presumably have been put in place to preserve and protect our environment.

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